“Videos can attract a different audience, one that might not want to take the time to read a white paper or an article.” – Brick Marketing

Digital marketing has evolved, and it will not be wrong to say that videos have taken over the edge. People prefer videos over reading or any other media of communication.

On average, 87 per cent of online marketers use videos for marketing.

55 per cent of people watch videos every day.

Now can you imagine what these statistics can mean for a business? If the video marketing strategy used in the right way, these videos can generate a considerable amount of revenues for your business.

Still wondering if you should invest in Video Marketing or not? Here are a few reasons that will  convince to do so:

Good return on investment

Everybody knows making a video is not a child’s play. It is sometimes challenging and let’s face it, it expensive too.

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What made it so much famous is, its ROI, 87 per cent of the businesses believe that video marketing generates a good return.

Videos are useful for building trust

Using Video Marketing, you can show your customers how a specific product is beneficial for them and how to use it.

Without any language barriers, by just observing the product, the customer will be attracted to it and who knows this might be the turning point for your business. Building trust is an important reason to invest in Video Marketing.

Videos help in retaining the content

If you are writing about your product and someone else is using videos to tell people about their products. People usually tend to remember what they saw, not what they read.

It is human nature; people tend to remember what they see more than what they read.

Videos save time

We all know the world is in a hurry. People usually don’t like to read a 1000 word blog when they can watch the 3-minute video and know everything they want to know.

Video Marketing saves time.

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Even a lazy person will watch a video because it takes much lesser effort than reading an article. For those lazy customers out there (which are so many in numbers) consider investing in Video Marketing.

Videos are Google’s priority, too

According to Moovly, videos are 53 times more likely to be shown on the top rather than a written article.

Even Google is giving you signals that you should invest in Video Marketing rather than investing in traditional marketing methods. Use exciting titles and descriptions for your videos, but add the link of your video on your website too.

Difficulties in Video Marketing

Now that we know how essential it is for us to invest in Video Marketing, let us have a look at challenges as well.

Apart from the cost, the only problem in pursuing Video Marketing is the content. You might have seen videos with outstanding quality, but the content shown in the video is either controversial or uninteresting. Make sure the content you put in your video is:





Knowing your audience is the key to any marketing strategy, including Video Marketing. If you don’t know who your target audience is, it will be useless.

Set up a plan and try to highlight the primary and essential points about your product. Remember, the first impression is the last, work more at the starting of the videos.

Lastly, keep the videos short, don’t try to make longer ones. People usually get bored while watching longer videos.

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‘More than 150 million people view videos online every year, most of them ripe to hear your business’s pitch if you produce and market your video effectively.’ – Vern Marker

From everything that has been discussed, it is quite clear that if you want your business to stand out, you should invest in Video Marketing.

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Image Credit: Steven Van