The mobile gaming demographic is broader than you think. A recent Tapjoy Network survey, which involved over 450 million consumers, stated that 50 per cent of them prefer to play games on their phones and tablets rather than on any other device.

This isn’t a threat to the console market. In fact, almost 50 per cent of them play games on their devices while the TV is turned on, so it complements perfectly with one another. One-third of the 450 million consumers have more than 10 games on their smart devices; 65 per cent of those users do not claim to be gamers, yet play mobile games three hours a week in 20 minute intervals. And, 71 per cent are over the age of 25, while almost half of the group have annual household income of over US$50K.

The top mobile gaming genres as classified by the survey are (in ascending order): action/adventure, puzzle/trivia and strategy/simulation. This is apparent: a game like Flappy Bird and its myriad of clones can be classified as an “action” game. Check out the full infograph below for the more colorful skinny on mobile gamers and their habits.


So what can we learn from all of this?

– The term “gamer” is outdated and should be discarded. Playing games is a normal activity akin to watching TV or reading books. You don’t call a casual reader a “bibliophile” straight off the bat, right?

– Console gaming isn’t going extinct at all. Most users who have both, smartphones and current/next-gen consoles, usually have one on standby to play when OS/system updates happen.

– No matter what gaming trends pop up — be it Flappy Bird or Puzzle X Dragon — the masses want “one button fun” games with bite-sized 20-minutes-or-less experiences. Most of the time, action titles and puzzle games deliver on that criteria.