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CLAS – Expara Vietnam Accelerator (CEVA) Batch 2 is the first venture-funded accelerator in Vietnam that ran simultaneously in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. CEVA is a catalyst that enables firststage entrepreneurs to catapult their businesses to the next level. The programme was initiated by two organisations:

  • Microsoft Vietnam, Expara – Singapore’s pioneer and leader in incubation, earlystage venture capital, entrepreneurship, VC and innovation training, mentorship, and advisory work; and
  • CLAS – a high tech software service company of SHTP Microsoft Innovation Centre which empower entrepreneurs with state-ofthe-art Internet, Mobile technology and software to aggressively grow and master their businesses.

The Demo day was held at Saigon Innovation Hub on December 10, 2016, and here are 8 startups that graduated after the selection from 120 applicants:


AgrHub is a farm-to-table agricultural supply chain management platform that aims to improve the farmers’ life and bring high-quality and safe food to consumers. By combining the traditional agricultural practices, new technologies, and a strong desire for providing a better life for farmers, ArgHub wants to re-shape the agriculture industry by building a sustainable agriculture ecosystem in Vietnam.


Bayleaf connects renters so that they can live together based on their personality and lifestyle. Unlike the existing options, Bayleaf focuses less on property listings and much more on people. Joining Bayleaf and answering questions, users can find the right co-living partner, avoid conflicts, make friends, and spend their energy focusing on what’s important.

Demo Day


Minecraftly is a Platform-as-a-Service for Minecraft gamers. Using state of the art orchestration system that combines infinite virtual worlds into one under an unified namespace, it provides a good user experience for gamers while solving the massive scalability issues that has existed in online gaming for the past 15 years.

Think of Minecraftly as a spin off from the popular game Minecraft, similar to how Pokemon GO is a spin off from Pokemon.


Tob is a company that specialises in enabling smart hardware manufacturers sell their products through its e-commerce platform.

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Komorebi is a data-driven business intelligence platform that helps both businesses and consumers make smarter decisions. It aims to provide an unparalleled retail shopping experience by bringing SME manufacturers’ products to life, and enhancing branding through BI and insights.


WiAds is a Wi-Fi marketing solution for Local SMEs. The idea for the platform started from the question, “Why can’t local SMEs bring their products and services to local people instead of spending money on advertising to sell in another market?” It took the team 10 days to establish company and 20 days to build the firmware to deploy its network in Da Nang and Hue cities. After six months, it has 450 access points in Da Nang, 100 APs in Hue, and nearly 100 APs in Ha Noi.


Checkit provides 20-minute summaries and insights from the world’s top non-fiction titles in several Southeast Asian languages. Targeted at busy professionals, the platform provides a way to consume content without reading the entire thing.

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AZstack is a cloud platform with white label SDK and API that provides abilities to build live chat, voice/video call, call-out, conference, and live streaming features within any application.


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