Mobile apps have become a very powerful platform for business and marketing nowadays. Mobile internet usage has beat the desktop internet usage back in 2016. So, it’s clear that advertisers can’t disregard anymore the power of marketing through mobile apps.

Not only it provides the advertisers a great chance to promote their products and services but it is also an opportunity for the app publishers to make money from their apps.

However, mobile app marketing might not be as easy as it sounds. There is a vast range of apps available in the market and the developers are working on new app monetizing ideas every day. Well, nothing to get that disappointed.

There are many strategies that can help you to monetize your app(s) even if they are free of cost and you can actually generate a significant amount of revenue by using them efficiently. Marketing apps through affiliate marketing is one of the most effectual of them.

In this article, we will see how marketing mobile apps through affiliate marketing can give you a boost in promoting your app. You can check the other effective strategies and different sales techniques of affiliate marketing to monetize your app on how free apps make money.

Why affiliate marketing?

After developing an app when you are quite confident about its performance and getting the vibe that people may like it as well, your first task is to let people know that your app does exist on the earth. And you need a strong marketing strategy for that purpose.

Of course, affiliate marketing is a potent way for the marketization of your app but there are other options too. So, let’s have a brief look at the other available method to marketize your app before going to affiliate marketing.

If you have no experience in marketing the first thing you can do is to hire a digital marketing company who are experts in mobile app marketing and they will set it for you. They will identify a potential market where advertising your app will draw a good amount of traffic in your app. But the main obstacle here for you can be the charge it will take. These services are highly expensive. And it will be gamble to spend so much before even knowing how much return it will make you.

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You can go for paid advertisements and featured or promoted listings in app stores and that can help a lot to increase the visibility rate of your app. But this can also be excessively expensive, and neither does it secure the fact that it will reach your target audience.

A significant number of good app reviews can boost your app’s ranking but being a beginner you cannot manage to get so many of it. That indicates you have to go for paid reviews which are not only costly but also run the greater risk for your app to get blacklisted if you’re found to manipulating your app reviews.

Considering the above-described facts, marketing mobile apps through affiliate marketing seems the best option in hand. It’s probably the best cost-effective method of marketization as you pay here only when an action has been taken place for your app- a click, download or purchase. Also you here you don’t need to take the burden of advertising your app by yourself.

How affiliate marketing works:

Marketing mobile apps through affiliate marketing have gained outstanding importance nowadays. Mobile app affiliate schemes follow the basic structure similar to other affiliate marketing schemes. You need to sign up with the scheme and a commission structure will be set that you will have to pay based on the actions you receive in on your application for the affiliate marketing scheme.

Then you will send relevant links and marketing materials to your partners for them to use those for promoting your app. You can also offer incentives to your affiliate partners to build a stronger bond.

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to pay only when an action has been taken for your app through affiliate marketing. If you don’t get any result you are free not to pay a cent and this incentivizes your partners aggressively advertise your app on several platforms. After an action (a click, sign up, install or a purchase) has been taken place then only you will pay your partners according to the commission structure.

Affiliate marketing networks for mobile apps

There are mobile app affiliate marketing portals which specialise in affiliate marketing for mobile apps only. In case you can’t find a dedicated mobile app affiliate marketing program there are several comprehensive multi-portal schemes to offer services.

Try to get one affiliate marketing scheme which is devoted to mobile app marketing and especially which has already worked with similar content and working on with the affiliated partners who advertise corresponding contents. That way you will get an idea of who will be best suited for your app.

It’s better to try the new affiliate programmes along with the established ones in marketing your app through Affiliate Marketing. As you will only pay if you get any good results via these.  You never know a newcomer in this field might work out for you the best.

How to get affiliates for your app’s promotion?

If you are a newbie in app developing and nobody knows your company then it’s hard to pursue good affiliate networks. If your approach is not convincing enough then affiliates might not like to work with you as they only get paid when there is a conversion. And if your app does not sell they will not get any profit out of it.

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So, you can make them take a chance on you by following these techniques.

  1. Offer them a commission structure that seems very lucrative to them and they agree to invest their time and effort on your app.
  2. Provide them with a large number of marketing materials such as links, promotions, and visuals to use them for your app.
  3. Also, offer them tempting incentives with special deals and offers. At least until you get established.

Following these, you will get a good start in marketing your app through affiliate marketing.

It might take some time and a lot of effort to market your first app. People who are unfamiliar with the domain of marketing can find it a little tough to dig the soil in this field. That’s why marketing mobile apps through affiliate marketing can prove to be a great help to you. Spend some time, do some research and choose your affiliate partners wisely. It’s easy and very cost-effective.

So if you are planning to launch your first app don’t burden up yourself with the extra labor of marketing your app. Try marketing your app through affiliate marketing and save a lot of time and money. Also, share with us your idea of marketization your app by commenting on the comment section.

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