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Kids digital media company SuperAwesome Asia today released a report on the spending habits, digital behaviour and media consumption pattern of kids aged six to 14-year-old across key markets in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The most revealing point of the report is that Southeast Asian kids are not into digital spending, with 64 per cent of kids claiming to have never made online purchases or spend their pocket money on digital products.

Under this category, Thailand emerges as the only country where a significant amount of kids choose to spend their money on apps. Thirteen per cent of kids in Thailand spend their pocket money on apps, while 23 per cent spend theirs on mobile credit/contract (pre/post-paid) and 14 per cent on computer games.

So what exactly are kids in the region spending their pocket money on? Check out the following infographic to get the big idea.

Infographic 1 - SuperAwesome Kids Spending

Infographic 2 - SuperAwesome Kids Spending

Image Credit: Daniel Cheung on Unsplash