Creative software conglomerate Adobe, that announced major updates to its Creative Cloud solutions earlier this month, promises nimbleness, mobility and cross-platform accessibility to indie designers, creative agencies and app developers.

Janie Lim, Marketing Director, Digital Media, Adobe Asia Pacific

Janie Lim, Marketing Director, Digital Media, Adobe Asia Pacific

Janie Lim, Marketing Director, Digital Media, Adobe Asia Pacific states that ‘Creative Cloud for Teams’ has been “tailored for small and medium businesses”, and is a “recommended solution for startups”. Creative Cloud for Teams includes enterprise storage and collaborative features.

Besides updates to 14 of its regular software packages, Creative Cloud 2014 also includes new mobile apps – Adobe Sketch, Adobe Line, Adobe Photoshop Mix and Adobe Voice. The company also announced the immediate availability (in the US first) of its new hardware Adobe Ink (a new digital pen) and Adobe Slide (a new digital ruler).

The new CC 2014 desktop updates and mobile apps are tightly integrated through Creative Cloud services. The new Creative Cloud app for iPhone and iPad, enables on-the-go accessibility and management of users’ creative profiles – files, photos, fonts, colours, and communities.

How do startups benefit?
“Startups are typically nimble in nature with members eschewing the traditional office set-up to work out of their homes, cafes or on-the-go. This means being able to seamlessly collaborate via the cloud will be a key requirement as it enables them to enjoy greater efficiencies in their workflows, helping save time and allowing them to focus on what they do best,” says Lim, adding, “Adobe’s Creative Cloud is built precisely for this sort of collaboration and mobility, thanks to its functionality for access to and sharing of content across desktop, mobile devices and the cloud.”

Wait. There’s more. Creative SDK, a software library that will enable developers to tap into Adobe’s creative technologies to build mobile apps too will see a beta launch soon. Currently in private beta, the SDK will speed the development of third-party mobile apps that access cloud-based Adobe technologies. Lim says, “For startups focussed on app development, the SDK would be a good resource to help them build anything from simple consumer apps to scientific visualisations. This means a larger Adobe mobile ecosystem, with more apps for users to enjoy — third-party or otherwise!”

Lim gives an example design firm Space Matrix, which according to her is one of the first major Southeast Asian companies to adopt Adobe’s Creative Cloud solution. “By moving its creative workflows onto the Cloud, the company has been able to respond to clients’ needs nimbly and quickly, in addition to benefiting from significant cost savings and streamlined workflows, as well as regular access to the latest and newest functionalities of Creative Cloud,” she says.

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Creative Cloud users get automatic updates and upgrades to new new features, as soon as they become available from Adobe – at no additional cost.

What do the mobile apps do?
Adobe Sketch, a social sketching iPad app for free-form drawing. Sketch gives designers a connected creative process bringing inspiration, sketching and community together into one place. Connectivity to cloud allows live feedback from the creative community.

Adobe Line, an iPad app allows for precision drawing and drafting. Line recreates the art of drafting, combining organic drawing with beautiful straight lines, French curves and perfect shapes that can be drawn in plan and elevation views or in perspective.

Photoshop Mix, an iPad app brings “Adobe image mixing and magic” to mobile users. It also offers a new Creative Cloud connected mobile workflow with access to powerful creative imaging tools on iPad for the first time, including Upright, Content Aware Fill, and Camera Shake Reduction. It offers non-destructive photo enhancements, selections, the ability to cut-out and mix images, and more.

Lightroom Mobile for iPhone extends recently shipped Lightroom capabilities to the iPhone. It provides a way to manage and edit images across desktops, mobile devices and the web. Additionally, the recently announced Adobe Voice, a free animated video app for iPad, has also been updated to sync with Lightroom.

Creative Cloud for iPad and iPhone is a new app that allows Creative Cloud members to access and manage their files, assets, and more from their mobile device.

According to Adobe, there are now over 2.3 million Creative Cloud subscriptions worldwide, exceeding its original projections when it was unveiled two years ago. Creative Cloud membership for individuals is available in Singapore for S$66 (US$53) per month.