Singapore-based adtech startup DREA has raised an undisclosed amount in pre-Series A funding, led by Investigate Network Capital and several other investors from the AngelCentral network.

DREA claims it enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reach their target clients and audiences by running digital marketing campaigns in “4 steps, 60 seconds” using a mobile app. The company does so by creating an ad, a landing page and by automatically optimizing the ad, including building in the most relevant targeting sets for the advertiser.

Once the campaigns is launched, the platform automatically verifies the quality of all leads being generated and automates an instant follow-up response for the SME owner, says the startup.

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The startup claims its solution requires zero coding and digital marketing knowledge from the advertiser.

“We realize that the problem most SME owners face is not only with marketing their business and getting actual results, but it’s also to cope with the scale of responses that may come in. Most of these business owners may be sole proprietors who do not have the benefit of a large sales team. This is where DREA is able to help them automate and scale their business,” said Yuet Whey Siah, Founder of DREA.

So far, the startup has worked with over 3,000 users and small business owners across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

“DREA’s services fit very well into our nation’s SME digitization efforts by helping them reach new clients quickly and effectively. I especially like the self-service and automated interface which makes it so easy for hundreds of SME owners to finally get good value from their digital advertising spend,” commented Huang Shao-Ning, former co-founder of JobsCentral and AngelCentral.

Today, DREA is primarily focused on the real-estate market and intends to target the 20,000-plus real estate agents in Singapore, as well as small business owners in several other verticals. The firm plans to expand into other international markets over the course of the next three years.

Founded by Mikael Krogh, Investigate is a Singapore-based investment firm specialising in accelerating growth of startups within the Network Orchestrator business model — corporations facilitating value sharing by interactions and transactions in their network.