Singapore-based startup generator Antler announces today its expansion to Europe. After Singapore, its Europe location are the Nordic countries, with operations in Oslo and Stockholm. It can noted that Stockholm has the second most unicorns in the world after Silicon Valley.

Applications for startups will open starting in January 2019, for the second cohort in Singapore and first in Stockholm.

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The first-ever Singapore program started in July 2018 with a selection of 62 founders from 22 countries globally. After going through individual coaching sessions to refine and validate the companies’ ideas, there are now 10-15 companies formed in the HR Tech, Robotics, PropTech, Fintech and Automotive space.

“We believe the world needs more talented people spending time on building companies that tackle big and small problems around the globe. Our team at Antler has worked closely with each of our founders to design a program that will help them actualise these ideas,” said Jussi Salovaara, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Southeast Asia Antler.

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With the Singapore cohort wrapping up in the next three months, these companies will work on refining and building their ideas further to prepare for Antler’s demo day.

Antler’s next cohort starting in January 2019, in both Singapore and Stockholm and will open for application.

Antler was started in 2017 in Singapore by McKinsey, Google, Spotify, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford alumni who went on to found successful enterprises around the world.


Image Credit: Antler