Datasaur, a data labeling platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) based in Indonesia, has received a seed round of funding from GDP Venture as reported by DailySocial.

Datasaur was founded by Ivan Lee, who’s a Computer Science graduate from Stanford University living in Silicon Valley. Behind AI trend that keeps evolving, there’s a human-labeled training machine that’s time-consuming and expensive, which inspired the establishment of Datasaur.

Datasaur developed an intelligent tool to support data labelers with efficient and automated ways of data labeling while simultaneously increasing data privacy and security.

The system, according to Lee, uses an AI-based and Natural Language Processing (NLP)-supported that proactively suggest labels. Any labeled data that’s not coherent with the previous tag labeling or contextually out-of-place will be subjected to verification.

Project manager then can manage how many times every data will be labeled to guarantee accuracy.

At this early stage, Datasaur’s service is still focussed on text-based data input. Datasaur said it plans to expand its services into audio-based data input as well.

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“We are still open for any additional participation from potential strategic partners in this seed round,” said Datasaur team.

Prior to Datasaur, founder Ivan Lee co-founded Loki Studio with three of his Stanford friends, before it was acquired by Yahoo in 2013. Yahoo then appointed Lee as its first Associate Product Manager, responsible for developing the company’s mobile search platform with AI.

Lee, whose stints then included VP of Product di GoButler and AI Product team in Apple, based Datasaur’s business in both California and Indonesia.