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Akamai’s Q1 2015 report: Indonesia’s Internet speed is declining

Akamai's State of the Internet Q1 2015 report shows troubling news for Indonesia, which now has has slowest average Internet speeds in APAC

 Akamai’s State of the Internet report for Q1 2015 shows troubling news for Indonesia, which now has the slowest average Internet speeds in APAC

Akamai published its latest State of the Internet, which is regularly published once every three months. This time, the statistics of Indonesia have decreased, as Indonesia is placed 117th among countries in Asia Pacific, behind Singapore, Malaysia, and even the Philippines which was below Indonesia in last year’s report.

According to the report, the average speed of Internet connection in Indonesia only reaches 2.2 Mbps.  It put Indonesia at the lowest rank for the first quarter of 2015, among other countries in Asia Pacific including neighbouring countries Singapore (12.9 Mbps), Malaysia (4.3 Mbps), the Philippines (2.8 Mbps), and Vietnam (3.2 Mbps). In this category, South Korea took the global lead with 23.6 Mbps, followed by Hong Kong and Japan.

The report also suggested that 13 countries experienced a rise in the average Internet connection speed. And Indonesia was presented as the only country in Asia Pacific to have a decreasing figure according to Year-of-Year changes (-8,8 per cent), thanks to the major decrease Indonesian Internet had in last year’s Q4, from 3.7 Mbps in the Q3 to somewhat below-the-line 1.9 Mbps.

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If it’s being broken down, Internet adoption in Indonesia is also quite low in terms of numbers, as it only reached 6 per cent for 4 Mbps and above, 0.4 percent for 10 Mbps and above, and 0.1% for 15 Mbps (4K ready) and above during Q1 of 2015. For each category, Indonesia was always the least.

The situation is no different for mobile connectivity, as the average connection speed only reached 1.7 Mbps in Indonesia, slightly better than Vietnam with 1.3 Mbps. In peak condition, Indonesia couldn’t even reach two digit of performance only securing 8.2 Mbps. This shows a significant gap with other countries, considering that Australia was able to reach 149.3 Mbps during the peak condition.

However, Indonesia noted a balanced statistic for mobile adoption, touching 3.0 per cent, compared to Vietnam (0.4 per cent), and Thailand (2.0 per cent). In addition, the average loading time is also quite short, only 689 ms, along with Bolivia (670 ms) and Turkey (602 ms).

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Although Indonesia’s average Internet speed is currently declining, we remain optimistic that during the rest of 2015 it will significantly grow. This is related to the soon-to-be-implemented plan of 4G/LTE commercialization as well as the role of ISP players who will start expanding their coverage to accommodate Fiber To The Home technology.

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