AMA with Takayuki Akahodani

Update: It’s a wrap! Thank you for your participation. If you have any follow-on questions, feel free to drop it on the comments section. Taka will try to reply on his own time.

It takes a village to get a product from manufacturer to consumer, and an entire industry working behind the scenes to make sure it happens.

Today’s world of a faster and more global everything means necessary changes in the way goods are moved. To be able to cater to the changing business and consumer expectations, the logistics and supply chain industry has to embrace innovation. From land to sea to air, the movement of goods is a job that many businesses have tackled and tried to improve.

And with the massive opportunities for disruption in this largely fragmented sector of the global business landscape, logistics and supply chain is becoming the hottest industry for tech.

Takayuki Akahodani knows what’s up. He is the Founder and CEO of HAKOVO, an online marketplace for logistics and shipping services that simplifies cross-border trade. HAKOVO aims to empower businesses and build an ecosystem that connects the parties within the supply chain to reduce friction, bring transparency to the entire supply chain, enhance efficiency, and significantly add value to both customers and logistics service providers.

On Friday, November 3 at 2PM (SGT), Akahodani will be online live on e27 to answer all your questions about logistics,  supply chain, and what insights over 20 years of diverse global and regional involvement in business management, operations and supply chain has given him. You can also ask him about being a decathlete and windsurfing-wave performer (this is Ask Me Anything, after all).

So leave your questions below and let’s get this AMA rolling!