A screen grab of the Amazon deals' page

A screen grab of the Amazon deals’ page

Looks like the e-commerce battle in India is only getting cut-throat by the day. Amazon India has now introduced daily deals section. The ‘Deal of the Day’ icon appears on the upper right hand corner of the website.

Daily deals are currently available on limited product categories such as electronics, movies & TV shows, video games, beauty products, watches, fashion, jewellery and luggage.

The deals are available across three broad categories. First is the ‘Deal of the Day’, which is introduced every 24 hours.
Second is the ‘Lightening Deals’ category, which runs from six to 10 hours daily and is valid for a limited number of units, and the third one is the ‘Best Deals’ category, which features top deals from across the site running for a limited number of days.

In all the categories consumers can view all the deals, upcoming deals and missed deals. Users can also subscribe to receive notifications of the deals daily.

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Amazon India will go head on with regulated deals websites such as Groupon India and Khojguru. While fighting the mounting competition level is definitely one of the reasons for Amazon to adapt daily deals, there has to be more to it as the website has jumped into the deeper end of the pool.

e27 has written to Amazon India to know more about its move. Watch this space for updates.

Image Courtesy: Amazon