SingTel-owned digital advertising firm Amobee today announced a new update to its platform, Amobee LTV, which enables advertisers, publishers and app developers to understand their mobile app customer base better.

According to an official statement, the LTV, which stands for ‘Lifetime Value’ will provide the capability to get detailed insights on mobile app users, directly engage and re-engage app users, and subsequently, increase RoI.

A spokesperson noted, “Lifetime Value (LTV) is the average value of a customer to a brand over the lifetime of the customer relationship, i.e. the average revenue the brand will receive from each customer until the customer stops using the app. For example, if a customer buys $10 worth of products every month for one year, then the LTV for that brand would be $10 x 12 months = $120.”

Users of the platform can also segment audiences and generate value scores for each customer segment. Such tools have been integrated directly into the app, along with the ability to create in-app text and rich-media push notifications.

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“Customers come and go, but fans stay for life,” said Mark Strecker, President, Amobee. “We built this platform to help companies create strong relationships with their customers. With Amobee LTV, marketing executives and app developers can use customer insights to vastly increase the chances of retaining app users, creating fans for a lifetime,” he added.

At the moment, the service is focused on helping Android and iOS apps, but a spokesperson shared that there are plans to extend LTV to other operating systems.

The LTV update is now taking applications until April 2014, which will be under private beta. To apply for the beta program, fill up this form.

Watch the Amobee LTV demo: