For all travellers out there, I am sure you guys have faced these 5 problems:

1. Not knowing enough information about a particular foreign place that you are visiting,

2. Last minute accommodation for unique home stays,

3. Travel planner & Organiser,

4. Travel Journal and

5. Currency Converter.

The following 5 apps are solution to your travelling woes! Don’t leave for your next holiday trip without downloading them!

1. Wikitude World Browser (available on both iOS & Android)

Voted as “Best Augmented Reality Browser 2009-2011”, Wikitude World Browser is the one app that you will need on your trip to explore and discover your surroundings in Augmented Reality.Using your phone’s camera and GPS, the app cleverly scans and sieves out nearby restaurants, cafes, events, ATMs and more. Another way to checkout cool happenings around you is through using the search function. With the in-app search feature, you can find out the nearest ‘cinema’ or ‘Thai restaurant’ by scanning your vicinity with the camera. For tourists (especially) travelling to an unfamiliar place, Wikitude allows you to find out more about your location by providing you with information obtained through relevant contents on Wikipedia, Youtube, Flickr and many other internet sources.

2. Airbnb (available on both iOS & Android)

One of the most talk about company of 2011, Airbnb, has released its mobile app on both android and iOS. Whether you want to save on hotel accommodation or splurge on a unique and exotic living experience, this app has all the property listings you need from around the world. Like the website, the mobile app allows you to book and contact the host directly. Definitely a great app to have for any last minute bookings in areas around you.

3. TripIt- Travel Organizer (available on both iOS & Android)

Never lose track of your travel itinerary with TripIt, your personal travel assistant. From flight bookings to reservations at restaurants, Tripit consolidates all travel and booking information onto one app. Simply forward all confirmation emails to to have your travel information conveniently located in one app. Currently available free for a 30-day trial. Users can upgrade to Tripit Pro for $49 per year.

4. Trip Journal (available on both iOS & Android)

Personally, when I go travelling, I always try to (or want to) keep a travel blog to note down my experiences. However, procrastination and laziness always set in, preventing me from updating the blog. Trip Journal is one great app that makes recording and sharing of travel experiences easy and fuss-free. The idea of making quick updates of taking pictures, videos and quick notes for a particular trip on-the-go makes it easy for the lazy traveller to record his experiences.

5. XE Currency (available on both iOS & Android)

Shopping at a foreign land can be pretty annoying when you constantly have to convert the local currency back to home currency before making a purchase. Why calculate with a calculator when you can convert every world currency to current rates with this simple app? Splurge no more from overspending  due to underestimated price .