Greengar is a company based in San Francisco and Ho Chi Minh City that focuses on creating real-time collaboration apps. Their latest product, Smartboard, was launched at the last Women 2.0 conference in San Francisco and features a real-time sketching and note-taking collaboration app built for the boardroom.

Co-founder Thuy Truong just announced that the company will be joining the prestigious 500 Startups Spring 2013 accelerator program. Other notable Asian startups accepted into the accelerator program includes Taiwan’s Cubie Messenger and Cardinal Blue, and Japan’s Cinemacraft and TokyoOtakuMode.

According to Vietnam-based Thuy, she has been looking to raise funding for a company since February this year. The startup has been bootstrapped and profitable since Thuy and her co-founder Elliot founded the company in 2008. The University of Southern California graduates released their first app, Whiteboard in 2009 on the App Store and have since been building a company on the revenues that their apps have generated. Whiteboard Lite has since seen over 7.9 million downloads on iOS with over 230,000 downloads of the paid Whiteboard Pro version. Smartboard is a more advanced version of Whiteboard, built on the lessons learnt from their first application.

With a team of six in Vietnam, Thuy runs the main development from their Ho Chi Minh City headquarters while working with Elliot to cater to customers in the US. US users account for almost 80 percent of Whiteboard’s total users. Thuy and Elliot built Smartboard with a stronger focus towards businesses and are looking to drive bundle purchases from education and business organisations.

Talking to Thuy about Greengar’s decision to join 500 Startups’ accelerator program, she mentioned, “Personally, I think 500 Startups is the best fit for Greengar at this moment. We need to get our feet in Silicon Valley, learn the culture, set up the infrastructure, and start fund-raising. I have been talking to many investors since February, that helps a lot in term of refining the business strategies, but we’re working on the back-end infrastructure right now, and accelerator program is perfect in for a focused hacking period”.