Image credit: Washington Post

Image credit: Washington Post

World Cup 2014 fever is still ongoing and will be continuing until the finals are over and done with on July 13. This begs the question: which country in Asia is talking about the worldwide sport the most on social app Twitter?

Since Indonesia is adopting to social networking very well, 9.9 per cent of worldwide tweets about the World Cup are all from the country, according to analytics from TCS Social Soccer. The Southeast Asian country is ahead of footballing giants Brazil, Spain, Argentina and France in tweet volumes. It’s just below the United States and the United Kingdom, with both of them occupying 13.4 per cent each.

Malaysia and India are the other two Asian countries that talk about the goings-on and the random biting of international football. The former representing 1.9 per cent and the latter representing 1.5 per cent.

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Unsurprisingly, Brazil is the most talked-about team on Twitter; the country represents 14 per cent of the team talk percentage focussed on football player Neymar and his teammates. England and Portugal shared second place and represented 9 per cent; most likely on the two teams’ lacklustre performances.

The most talked-about player is, unsurprisingly again, football poster boys Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The former had 2,059,499 tweets, while the other had 1,471,311 tweets about their respective performances. Neymar had 958,578 tweets, while Luis Suarez had 655,204 tweets. All these social network messages have been generated since June 12.

Do these numbers surprise you? In any case, check out the infographic below for the full overview: