Singapore-based platform for Asian short films Viddsee has launched its new Android app, with features such as offline playback, personalised curation and device syncing.

This follows the company’s launch of an iOS app last November, a mobile web app in June 2013, and its web service in February 2013.

The startup also started Viddsee BUZZ, a content segment, in April 2014 to help users better discover and understand the short films hosted on the platform.

In a statement, Derek Tan, Co-founder, Viddsee, said that users in Asia are mobile-first and hungry for ‘high-quality cinematic content.’

In conversation with e27, Tan said that there are more than two million monthly active users across platforms today, with the mobile web app and native app accounting for over 70 percent of total engagement.

Currently, the startup’s biggest market is the Philippines, followed by Taiwan and Indonesia, added Tan, who noted that the company will spend the next few months focussing on localisation efforts.

“Because of our curation for an Internet audience, we have seen our films fly with a large audience. The topics vary and can cover inspirational stories, genre films like horror or thriller, to love and family,” Tan said.

According to Tan, users often open the app during lunch hours and commutes, and into the night. In fact, many users go on Viddsee’s mobile app to sync their phones for offline playback at 4 PM. “… We believe they are in the office with WiFi,” said the entrepreneur. “And then the consumption continues in the evening, (when) they are travelling.”

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This particular launch is not merely for Viddsee users on Android devices; filmmakers with projects on the platform will also benefit from having a bigger pool of people to engage with and market to.

“Since our founding, we have worked with many filmmakers to surface their stories to a mass audience. As we continue shaping the media and entertainment landscape as Asia’s Mobile Cinema, we are committed to continuing this work and help them make their next films with us,” concluded Ho Jia Jian, Co-founder, Viddsee.