TOP50_LogoAsia’s Top 50 Apps program has come to an end. You chose the Top 50 Apps and the judges select the Top 10 from the list.

We are pleased to inform you that the Top 10 Apps have been decided. These apps were selected by Jeffrey Paine, Benjamin Soh and Jupe Tan. Each app was given a unique score by the judges. After combining the cumulative scores of all of them, the Top 10 apps have emerged.

These apps are hallmark of innovation in Asia and were judged on these three criterions: Technology innovation, business innovation and design innovation.

But to find out who they are, you will have to attend Accelerate 2010 where the 10 winners will present on Sept 22.

The Top 10 apps will each win three months of rent-free stay at Plug and Play Center, access to Deal Room sessions at Accelerate 2010, among others.