Multiplayer online battle arena fans residing in Asia, who want something else besides League of Legends and DOTA 2, are probably clamoring for the impending release of Blizzard’s offering Heroes of the Storm.

Asiasoft and Blizzard announced a partnership to bring the MOBA locally to Southeast Asia in the following territories: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Asiasoft CEO Pramoth Sudjitporn said that the company is working closely with Blizzard to prepare for the game’s launch in the aforementioned regions, which will be sometime this year.

The main Asiasoft branch will handle Singapore and Thailand, while its subsidaries CiB Net Station and Level Up will handle Malaysia and the Philippines respectively. As far as microtransactions are concerned, Asiasoft will reveal more details close to launch, though we suspect that Asiasoft’s A-Cash system will be involved.

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But what about places like Vietnam and Indonesia? Again, Asiasoft and Blizzard have yet to comment publicly, but it did state that its current focus is on the aforementioned four SEA regions first. For Vietnam, there’s a licensing requirement needed to publish games there that could take companies a while to clear.

As for Indonesia, the country is a hotbed for gaming in general, but perhaps someone in the respective companies did the Average Revenue Per User math and figured the country may not be worth the time to invest yet. This is all hypothetical, mind you, but things can change between now and in the future, as the MOBA market is lucrative. In China alone (via PCR), the PC gaming market generated US$8.7 billion. Even the region is on the Heroes’ bandwagon, thanks to Netease. 

e27 had a go at the alpha version of the game. If you felt that games such as LOL and DOTA 2 had a huge learning curve, Heroes of the Storm streamlines the MOBA mechanic, so that it’s slightly more inviting. Heroes’ lanes are more compact and less stretched-out, player teams level up simultaneously, and each different map has different objectives that can turn the tide of battle for a team.

Stay tuned to e27 for a more in-depth look at the MOBA in the future.