Singapore-based game developer BattleBrew Productions has raised an undisclosed funding from Harish Nim, CEO of Emerio Corp, an NTT-Docomo affiliated company. Emerio Corp is a Singapore-based IT services company while NTT-Docomo is Japan’s largest mobile operator.

BattleBrew will use the newly-raised funding to finish development on its first game, a free-to-play mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms.

Ian Gregory, Strategic Director of BattleBrew, did not disclose much details of the game, but told e27 that it was a mobile strategy game.

Founded early this year, BattleBrew’s team is an ensemble of veteran game developers from Singapore. Three members on the team, Benjamin Chua, Louis Cua, and Greyson He have previously worked at Ubisoft, developing triple AAA titles such as the Assassin’s Creed series.

Others had cut their teeth in other renowned gaming companies such as Gameloft and Garena (now known as Sea).

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Leading the crew of 12 are Shawn Toh, a game designer from mobile gaming companies Nubee and Gumi Asia;  Elicia Lee, the founder of Singapore gaming convention GameStart Asia; and Gregory, the founder of Witching Hour Studios.

For Gregory, this deal is his second win for the day because his studio successfully launched its flagship game Masquerada: Songs and Shadows on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms today. The game had previously raised over £60,000 (US$78,500) on Kickstarter.

Gregory outlined BattleBrew’s vision as such: “For us, it’s about making games that people can play for a long time; guilds will be a big feature…it’s about building community-driven games.”

In an official press release, BattleBrew’s investor Nim said: “When I first heard of BattleBrew, I was intrigued and wanted to meet the team behind it. When I met Ian, Shawn and Elicia, I was sold. These guys have been there and know what they are doing. Most of all, what impressed me was their passion. The other important thing for me was to observe that they have the right values and are in this for the right reasons.”

Image Credit: BattleBrew