Is there anything more purr-fect than curling up with a bunch of furry feline friends and a warm cup of coffee? In an attempt to raise US$15,000 to renovate an upcoming cat cafe, Candice Neo set up an Indiegogo page, posted a video and submitted a list of rewards for pledgers.

Known simply as ‘The Cat Cafe‘, the bistro, located in Bugis Village, will be the second of its kind to launch in the city-state of Singapore. With 35 days more to go, she will be opening a cafe for ailurophiles to enjoy a cup of latte and the company of many cats.

Slated for launch in April, it has raised US$356 on the crowdfunding website, at time of writing the report.

For a ticket into the cafe, customers will have to pay S$14 (US$11) which comes with a complimentary drink of their choice. Unlike Neko no Niwa, the first cat cafe to have opened in Singapore, there is no time limit given to a customer’s stay in the cafe. Those looking only to purchase a drink can also do so without paying the entrance fee.

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“To us, crowdfunding can achieve multiple objectives at the same time,” said Neo. She added, “(Firstly, it can) ease our cashflow in the first few months as we project that due to renovation and integration of cats, we would not be able to launch at full capacity.”

Secondly, she said that crowdfunding is essential as it keeps marketing costs low, if she excludes counting the time and effort put into promoting the project.

Some of the rewards available to pledgers include: an entry pass to the cafe and a drink, a pre-opening invitation and various amounts of pastry. The 15 to 20 cats adopted will also be living at The Cat Cafe all hours of the day, which is a 1,200 square feet area. She told e27, “We will have CCTV watching them to ensure that they are not doing something crazy.”

I hope not. That would be a catastrophe.