Over 75 people from over 22 countries built 11 startups at the first Startup Weekend event in Bali last weekend. The startups ranged from e-commerce platforms, crowdfunding sites, networking apps and edutech. The weekend-long event was held in Bali’s first co-working space Hubud.

Startup Weekend is an international startup event which has been held in more than 400 cities in over 100 countries. The one in Bali was one of the most global ones, with participants from Indonesia, Mexico, United States, France, Sweden, Australia, Netherlands, India, Bulgaria and Lithuania. It was the first initiative held in Bali and the third one in Indonesia.

The participants gathered in a co-working space overlooking a vista of rice paddy fields to create a startup from scratch, and then validate and pitch their ideas to a team of expert coaches and judges.

The experts included Andy Zain, Managing Director of Mountain SEA Ventures; Robin Connelley, Founding Partner of Momentum Green; Pieter Levels, the entrepreneur behind project ’12 startups in 12 months’; and Andrea Loubier, CEO and Co-founder, Mailbird.

“We brought Startup Weekend to Bali because it’s a perfect match for what we do. Startup Weekend’s mission is to teach and promote entrepreneurship in local communities around the world, with the goal to bring entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, and startup enthusiasts together to share ideas, build products, launch startups, and get their dreams out to the world,” said Peter Wall, Co-founder, Hubud.

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The event began on Friday night, November 14, 2014, with open-mic 60-second pitches, which resulted in the formation of nine teams around the best, most viable concepts. Teams then spent Saturday and Sunday focussed on customer development, validating their ideas and building prototypes with the help of experienced coaches. On Sunday, teams gave a demo of their products, pitched their ideas in a final presentation, and then received questions and feedback from a panel of experts.


The panel chose Cash for Trash, an app that encourages people in the community to collect trash, sort and recycle in exchange for rewards, as the winner.

According to Steve Munroe, Co-founder, Hubud, the winner will get one month’s unlimited team membership at Hubud, lean startup mentoring with developer and entrepreneur Yohan Totting, a free trip and membership at Co & Co co-working space in Bandung, usability testing and coaching with software entrepreneur Merav Knafo, pitch preparation for venture capital funding with Momentum Green, and a team photography session with Life Pics with photographer Tania Lenkova.

Wall added that the top three teams from Startup Weekend Bali will get to compete in the Global Startup Battle, one of the biggest international startup competitions.

Many of the startup teams that were formed on Friday night and worked together over the weekend have already decided to stay together and continue working on their projects. According to Wall, some have already set meetings with interested investors who heard their ideas at the event.

“Will they be the next big thing? Time will only tell. We certainly had no shortage of enthusiasm and energy this weekend. It was really magical. I’d say, expect big things to come out of Bali in the coming years!” concluded Wall.

Get to know the startups:

1. BrightCrowd: An online lending-based crowdfunding site for energy efficiency projects. Pitched by Lidiya Dervisheva (Bulgaria).

2. Bringers: Bringers connects travellers with people abroad who need their stuff, so someone can help a fellow traveller as well as make a quick buck. Pitched by Shambala Fisher (US).

3. Cash for Trash: An app that encourages people to collect trash, sort and recycling, in exchange for rewards. Pitched by Olivier Pouillon (US).

4. DecoShop: An online marketplace that enables retail stores, merchants and producers in Jakarta to sell their quality furnishings online. Pitched by Emilia Meliana, (Indonesia).

5. FoodTree: A website that allows friends and family to provide meals for new mothers and their immediate family to support them in the first days and weeks after a baby is born. Pitched by Marc Summers (UK).

6. grouphugs: A directory to help you identify high quality Facebook groups, making it easy to find the best and most relevant Facebook groups for you. Pitched by Robert van Hoesel (Netherlands).

7. Instagator: Instagator is an app that promotes networking in co-working spaces by strengthening the community and making it easier to meet people. Pitched by by Brian Fudge (US).

8. Lean Sites: Lean Sites gives you the tools to build, measure and create your website fast and with no prior experience necessary. Pitched by Artem Fedorov (Russia) and Pieter Moorman (Netherlands).

9. Nanny Adviser: A website that connects holidaying families, who are looking for someone to care for their children, with trusted nannies based in the local area. Pitched by Alfiah Strohal (Indonesia).

10. WElance: Welance helps match nomadic freelancers with each other so they can collaborate wherever they are in the world. Pitched by Alex Eckhart (US).

11. Wirausaha: An education and relationship building service that aims to provide high paying jobs for Balinese people by way of a collective enterprise. Pitched by Alan Yu (US).

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