Bandung mayor Ridwan Kamil (left) at the Smart City Expo and World Congress, Barcelona

Bandung mayor Ridwan Kamil (left) at the Smart City Expo and World Congress, Barcelona

Mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil announced today on his official Facebook page that Bandung has been selected as a finalist in the World Smart City Awards, an awarding event hosted in conjunction with the Smart City Expo and World Congress in Barcelona on November 17-19.

Of the three existing categories in the awards, Bandung is a finalist in the City category. Other categories are Innovative Idea and Project.

Other cities that have came out as finalists in the same category are Buenos Aires (Argentina), Curitiba (Brazil) Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Moscow (Russia) and Peterborough (UK).

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“Bandung receives appreciation for its effort to give space for citizens to actively supervise the development of the city,” said Kamil.

Bandung’s Smart City programme includes an online permit system and a municipal staff performance monitoring system that allows citizens to take active participation in keeping public officials accountable. Another key winning point is the municipal staffs’ active social media participation, which allows them to respond quickly to complaints.

The capital of West Java province has always been known for its robust creative industry, with many Indonesian game, app and web development companies based in the city.

It is currently in the process of building Teknopolis, a satellite city that will serve as the centre of Indonesia’s tech industry.

Image Credit: Ridwan Kamil’s Facebook Page