BlockPunk, a Singapore- and Tokyo-based startup that has built an ecosystem to connect anime creators and fans worldwide, announced it has partnered with anime studio Arch Inc. to launch the first-ever known tokenised anime film called “Vevara In Your Dream”, which is a 10-minute film directed by sy05 (“Shogo”).

“Vevara In Your Dream” is currently on sale on its BlockPunk’s platform via tokens. A limited quantity of 500 tokens are available at US$15 each or the equivalent in Ether.

These video tokens entitle the purchaser to the streaming version of the movie, along with exclusive extras such as the director’s audio commentary, production artwork, and designs for the film, and the chance to win an exclusive artwork from the director himself for one lucky token holder.

Once the tokens have sold out, each token is tradeable on the BlockPunk platform with a percentage going back to the creator. The video is protected with industry-standard DRM and recorded on the blockchain to protect the creator’s rights.

“With this model, fans can now buy video directly from their favorite creators, and know that the majority will go back to the source; in addition, they get access to exclusive extras and have the ability to resell in a digital format all secured on the blockchain,” said Lai-Hung.

BlockPunk uses blockchain to give creators more control over their digital rights and enables any creator to easily sell collectible digital content using the blockchain. By doing so, it allows content creators to their digital content directly to fans.

“There is a huge opportunity to give back to studios and creators while increasing efficiency in the supply chain, with an assurance that higher margins actually go back to the creator. We hope that more money going back to the original creators will allow for more great anime, more direct connections with fans and less piracy,” said Julian Lai-Hung, CEO & Co-Founder of BlockPunk.

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“Effectively, creators can easily protect their rights by recording on blockchain and monetise their content by selling limited edition digital copies and even earn when fans trade items peer-to-peer,” Lai-Hung added.

Besides releasing the world’s first tokenised anime film, BlockPunk also announced the launch of the NFC-enabled blockchain art print, which will feature unique character designs from the hit anime series, ZombieLand Saga.

This was made possible via a collaboration between BlockPunk; the series’s creator Studio Mappa; and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (“DNP”).

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First, the artwork is first by the DNP, a tamper-resistant NFC chip is then attached to the artwork, which is linked to BlockPunk’s digital certificate of authenticity secured on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each print also comes with a digital crypto collectible of the same title. The users can use a phone to scan and bring up the certificate to highlight the creator, title details, provenance, and confirm the ownership of the art.

Digital certification on the blockchain provides an immutable record that gives owners a higher level of authenticity and copies protection than ever before. That immutable record also gives creators increased control over their digital rights and licenses, offering a proof of ownership for fans that increases the value of the physical product.

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Anime fans around the world usually stream all the new release series as soon as they are available in Japan. However, not all official anime merchandise is available outside of Japan; the result is a huge market for pirated anime merchandise.

With approximately 40 per cent of the US$20 billion-dollar anime industry being merchandise-related, there is a huge opportunity to give back to studios and creators while increasing efficiency in the supply chain, with an assurance that higher margins actually go back to the creator.