The Neeuro Brainwave Headgear

A side view of the Neeuro Brainwave Headgear.

Eddie Chau, Alvin Chan, and Kelly Choo have once again joined forces in an attempt to create their next successful startup. This time, the trio formerly of Brandtology — an online brand intelligence and monitoring service provider — is building a company that serves the mind of the individual.

Mental activity or neurological stimulation is known to have a positive effect against the onset of dementia or other forms of cognitive decline.

Rather than leave these mental ailments to chance or adopting a haphazard way of keeping the mind active, Neeuro, founded by Eddie Chau in 2013, aims to develop products that are designed to slow the decline of, and even hone, cognitive functions through neurotechnology and gamification.

“Just like Fitbit or Jawbone [both are popular brands associated with fitness trackers] is for physical activity tracking, we would like to achieve the same success for cognitive functions,” said Kelly Choo, the new Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of the 15-strong Neeuro.

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Kelly Choo joins Neeuro as Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder. (Image credit: Kelly Choo)

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Choo will help Neeuro extend the reach of its products so people can enhance their mental health and lead better lives. (Image Credit: Kelly Choo)

Choo officially started work with Neeuro on December 8 this year after leaving Isentia Brandtology, where he last held the position of Group Account Director.

Choo had been Business Development Director and Co-founder of Brandtology before it got acquired by Isentia (formerly Media Monitors) in 2011. He later took on roles as Isentia Brandtology’s Strategic Sales Director and General Manager (Southeast Asia).

Now that he has joined Neeuro, three quarters of the Brandtology founding team are reunited. Chau had served as Brandtology’s Chairman and Founder, Chan its Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder through to the startup’s acquisition by Isentia.

Chan is now Neeuro’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder after joining in November 2014.

Eden Lau is the only member of that team who is still at Isentia Brandtology, where he currently serves as CEO.

Already, Neeuro has two products: Memorie, which exercises the mind through neuroscientific brain-training games, and Brainwave Headgear, which reads brain cognitive signals. The company aims to launch them in early 2016.

According to Neeuro, the games on Memorie exercise the mind in five key areas: Attention, memory, multi-tasking, spatial awareness and decision-making. While playing these games, Brainwave Headgear will “read” the mind through Electroencephalography (EEG) sensors that decipher how the mind functions in these key areas.

“The headset accurately measures your brain’s performance while playing the games, and helps you keep track of your progress and overall improvement. It also recommends the brain-training program that is the best fit for you and your family. It helps you think faster, remember better, be more alert and keeps you sharp,” said Choo.

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