Earlier last week, foodpanda announced their partnership with RedMart. Following that, the recently funded company has just announced their official merger with Singapore based Singapore Dine.

We received an anonymous tip (thank you!) that foodpanda might be cooking up something huge: a possible merger or acquisition with Singapore based SG Dine. When we dug deeper and spoke to foodpanda, they confirmed it. Here’s what happens after the merger:

  1. When you go to Singapore-Dine’s website, it automatically redirects you to foodpanda’s website for all food order deliveries. What this means that you cannot order from SG-Dine anymore.
  2. This merger or acquisition must have been quite recent as all SG-Dine existing accounts have not been ported over and existing users have to set up a new account on their website.
  3. foodpanda told us that all Singapore-Dine’s employees will be based in foodpanda’s office and their focus is on the logistics whereas foodpanda will handle the platform and the marketing.

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singapore dine

Here’s a chat log between a customer and the representative from foodpanda:

foodpanda chat log

Speaking on the merger, Kiren Tanna, CEO Asia at foodpanda in Singapore said: “The merge with Singapore Dine makes us by far the market leader in the Singaporean food delivery market. Customers, who want to order at Singapore’s Dine, will be redirected to www.foodpanda.sg in future to access the broadest culinary variety from more than 200 restaurants delivering island-wide. We are very happy that we can offer the leading and best food delivery platform in Singapore.”

foodpanda, together with its affiliated brand hellofood, is the leading group of online food ordering platforms active in 27 countries and reaches more than 3 billion people. It helps restaurants to increase sales through online and mobile platforms, providing them with constantly evolving technology and analytics. For consumers, foodpanda offers an online marketplace with widest gastronomic range, including salads, pizza, burger and sushi. Consumers choose their favorite meal on the platform or via foodpanda’s mobile app. Consumer’s order will then be routed to the restaurants to be processed, allowing on time delivery to their doorstep.

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