Indonesian millennial-focussed news portal Brilio today announced the launch of FULUS, a credit card service comparison platform aimed at the millennial audience.

The new platform is launched in partnership with financial services comparison platform Cermati, which had raised funding from fintech-focussed venture capital firm Finch Capital (formerly known as Orange Growth Capital) in February 2017.

“Based on a research we conducted with JakPat Mobile Survey involving 1024 respondents from 34 provinces in Indonesia, around 59 per cent of Indonesian millennials – especially the middle class — prefer cashless payment to the conventional one. We also found that 63 per cent of Indonesian millennials need credit cards, but 66 per cent of them face difficulties in choosing the best card for their needs. With FULUS, we hope we can be a solution to such problem and be a reliable source of information regarding credit cards,” said Brilio Co-Founder and CEO Joe Wadakethalakal.

The platform will include information about a credit card service’s benefits, annual cost, fines, to requirements. The credit cards are being divided into the Travel, Rewards, First Card, Dining, Cashback, and Women categories.

Users can also apply directly on the platform.

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In the future, Brilio also plans to add more type of financial services to the platform.

In Indonesia, startups providing financial services comparison tool includes CekAja, HaloMoney, and AturDuit.

“Brilio has more than 20 million monthly visitors; it becomes a strong foundation for Brilio to develop FULUS. We are going to maximise Brilio’s strong user base as FULUS users,” a Brilio spokesperson explained to e27 when asked about the company’s plan in competing with existing platforms.

The company will also rely on the platform’s user experience, combined with giving honest and independent advice.

Founded in March 2015 by Wadakethalakal and Danny Purnomo, Brilio provides content in the form of articles and videos through its channels Brilicious, Brilistyle, Brilio Ngakak, Bawang Bombay, Brilio Video, BRITA, Wajah Indonesia, and its 32 content categories.

It is backed by the KapanLagi Network, a network of local online media in Indonesia.