If you have been following e27 closely, you would have heard about EvenPanda, a marketplace for original experiences, hosted by passionate and real people. EvenPanda was one of the startups exhibiting at Echelon 2012 and recently graduated from Founder Institute Singapore. The company recently pivoted into Clubvivre, allowing its users to have private culinary experiences with top chefs in the comfort of their home.

How does Clubvivre works? Simple. Looking for a top chef to bring home to cook your a private dinner? You can browse the various executive chefs on their web portal and schedule a session with the chef of your choice. Clubvivre takes care of all the administrative issues such as payment and ensures that the chefs on their portal are fun and have the right attitude to provide you with the best home dining experience.


Of course, the service does not come cheap. Pricing comes at a minimum of S$180 per pax, sending an obvious sign that the team is trying to target the top 10 percent of Singaporean wage earners.

While the niche targeting allows the Clubvivre team to focus on a particular vertical, I foresee scaling to be an issue for the new platform. To scale financially, the team would have to grow the number of executive chefs on its platform. There’s only so many clients each chef on the platform can serve every month. Perhaps that is why the team shared last evening at the Founders Institute Singapore event that they are looking to scale regionally to countries such as Bali (Indonesia) or Thailand, where there is a high number of expats with a high spending power.

If you are looking to enjoy a different kind of dining experience, or throwing a surprise party to your partner, do try Clubvivre out and let us know your experience.

On another note, the Clubvivre team also shared an excellent article on their learning and main takeaways from their previous venture EvenPanda on their official blog. The article talked about how less is more, demand versus supply, the importance of distribution, the definition of success, as well as idea versus execution.

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