developerhead Without products, there is no company. Hence it stands to reason that having good developers in a team is crucial to a company’s success. Good marketing may save a mediocre product for a time, but eventually customers find out, and the firm has no choice but to fold under customer fury. Definitely not a sustainable way to build a business.

This is why one day before Echelon 2014, we at e27 have brought you three developer jobs from our database of 441 jobs from 225 companies. Echelon 2014 aims to keep a finger on the pulse of Asia’s innovation, and what better way to do so than to celebrate the creation of unique products by talented developers?

Front end developer at Humouno Inc.
Humouno is a human-first mobile healthcare platform that aims to provide a fast, efficient, and collaborative tool for personalised care, inspiring people to live life to the fullest. It specialises in applying technological trends to the healthcare industry in order to enhance and improve the delivery of healthcare.

To realise its vision, Humouno needs a front-end developer to work with Responsive Web and Grid Layout designs. If you are familiar with HTML5 and mobile technologies, as well as possess some design skills such as typography, colour, and imagery, why not apply? Fresh grads are welcome!

Software developer at That Green Space Pte Ltd
That Green Space is a Singapore-based software development startup that aims to disrupt the enterprise software industry in Singapore. It aims to do this by building an ecosystem of design-centric, easy-to-use and affordable software, targeting traditional industries that are more likely to use old and bloated software.

Now, That Green Space is looking for a developer with a strong passion in introducing improvements to the daily works and lives of many. If you have at least three years of working experience in Linux-based LEMP/LAMP development, as well as a strong knowledge of relational databases like MySQL, why not apply and join its team?

Mobile application developer at Profyle
Based in Singapore, Profyle is a free geo-location app that lets users know where their friends are and meet new people nearby. By providing a platform where users near each other can chat and meet up together, Profyle aims to facilitate serendipitous connections between people.

Currently, Profyle needs an Android developer to be part of a team supporting all major mobile platforms. If you are motivated, ambitious, and have strong Android development skills, why not apply and help it with the goal of creating a global branded online service?

Image Credit: Moon Light PhotoStudio/Shutterstock