Burufly, an Indonesia-based social travel startup helps travelers discover fun places in Indonesia. Founded in April 2012 and launched in November, this site has more than 178,000 registered users and its Facebook page has garnered more than 220,000 likes to date. The content-first travel site has the basics, such as booking hotels and flights online. However, instead of the conventional browse and book setup, Burufly delivers packed information on how you can get to a particular place of interest, what you can do, and the estimated cost of your destination. No more cracking your head over where to go or what to do in Indonesia.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and Burufly has so much content that some users may see it as a webzine. Great photography is available for users’ viewing pleasure and the pictures can either be uploaded by users or provided by a popular local magazine known as Majalah Tamasya. The written content is created by its editorial team and travellers. Therefore, users are assured of information that is free from discrepancy.

Burufly founder Pete Goldsworthy mentioned that most meta-search travel sites do not place priority on research and discovery prior to a trip. Unsurprisingly, Burufly generates traffic on a daily basis from users who surf for content and that’s not all. Every user gets to create their own personal collage or collection of places by clicking “want” to save a trip or “done” when users have completed the trip. These more than a hundred thousand users have clicked “want” button for over 800,000 times. This speaks volumes on the general interest from travel enthusiast besides the budget.

With the help of angel funding from Ardent Capital, Goldsworth aims to elevate Burufly by bringing out the beauty of Indonesian destinations to people.

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