Cacoo offers team and individuals a way to design better diagrams

Nulab Inc., a software development company that develops collaborative software tools, just announced yesterday that they have launched their free-of-charge, new, alternative version of its online drawing and diagramming application, Cacoo.

This latest version of Cacoo Enterprise allows users to install the software on their private networks, offering them more control, autonomy and security when designing.

On the Active Server Pages (ASP), users can install the application onto their own servers, making it customisable in terms of access in network, ability to set rules on how the programme is used and security requirements. It is said to be ideal for those looking to explore advanced control features and have greater efficiency while using the programme.

It has an intuitive interface so users can understand and learn how to use it fast. Covering all basic drawing functionalities, the software assists users to draw both easily and efficiency. Besides being able to create sitemaps, mockups and wireframes, Cacoo is also a collaborative application that enables teams to share ideas, execute decisions smoothly and quickly in real time while working with the team.

Users can also store all application development diagrams on Cacoo to avoid the hassle of retrieving files from different places. The programme is also a great help when users want to develop different parts of the application development process like UI layout, transition design and database diagrams.

It also aims to help teams be more productive, by having tools to illustrate and visualize work processes and a comprehensive flow chart. Diagrams are made easy to update, which greatly reduces the time and simplifies the task of updating during server or network maintenance.

One of the best points about Cacoo is that users can create their own templates and stencils. These can also be shared in the global inventory, with all other users in the organization.

With no charge, users can access Cacoo but should they want additional features like multiple admins and more shared folders, they can also purchase a team or plus package.

On Cacoo’s website, it states that over two million diagrams have been created, and the programme supports 21 different languages.

Image Credit: Cacoo