The nascent Cambodian ecosystem may not grab headlines but don’t be fooled, signs of it becoming a wellspring of innovation are emerging — as seen in the inaugural Echelon TOP100 Qualifiers Roadshow in the country this year.

SPARE, a platform that allows users to rent venues such as meeting rooms, event space, seminar space, indoor and outdoor spaces for short term usage clinched the Fan Favourite award.

Three other Cambodian startups came in third, fourth, fifth place. They were:

  • Demine Robotics: The startup has developed and built a small-scale, mobile, battery-powered robot that is capable of safely excavating landmines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) all with the control of a remote.
  • CamboTicket: This startup has built a travel portal for the Mekong region. It allows travellers to book bus tickets, taxi rides and even tours and activities, in Cambodia.
  • BookMeBus: This startup focuses on bringing end-to-end solutions from fleet management to e-commerce to transport operators through a mobile app.

The overall winner was Myanmar-based startup Goama, who clinched the Judge’s Choice award.

The startup has built a Netflix-for-mobile-gaming platform, allowing users to have frictionless access to casual game playing without the annoyance and hassle of in-game advertisements, micro-payment purchases, or download fees.

According to the judges, Goama’s business model appeals to the exuberant youth gaming community that vastly improves the user experience whilst adopting the tried and tested subscription model.

Here are some of the “spoils-of-war” they have scored from the competition:

  • Exhibition booth at Echelon Asia Summit 2018
  • 6 months hot desk pass (Usable at any WeWork space in Southeast Asia)
  • Additional digits in the bank account – S$500 (US$380)

Morning Panel Recap

The Cambodia TOP100 Qualifier Roadshow kicked-off with an insightful welcome address by H.E. Dr. Kan Channmeta from MPTC and Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata.

They both echoed the significant growth of the startup ecosystem in Cambodia.

H.E. Dr. Kan Channmeta

Thomas Hundt mentioned that the country needed “to tell the region, the world, that Cambodia has something to show” with their unwavering support for the initiative through their innovation funds, Smart Start entrepreneur program and hosting hackathon events in the country.

H.E. Dr. Kan Channmeta, however, urged the audiences not to rest on their laurels as the success so far is the result of a “collaborative effort between external partners, academia, research institutes, development partners, and more to build an ecosystem for promoting digital content and solution.”

The three different panels that followed after spoke about lessons from the regional ecosystem on funding for Cambodia, women in technology, and embracing innovation and bringing Cambodia forward.

Watch the #catchup Facebook Live broadcast below.

Everyone’s a Winner

The rest of the startups who pitched may not have won any awards, but they will also receive a chance to attend Echelon Asia Summit 2018 as part of the Echelon TOP 100 startups cohort. This is after we here at e27 have tabulated their scores and ranked them against the rest of the startups pitching in the other TOP100 Qualifier markets.

Let’s take a quick recap of all the other fabulous startups, to whom which we applaud their efforts.

Echelon TOP100 Cambodia Qualifiers and Roadshow startups

1. CryptoAsia

CryptoAsia offers 2 products: a Bitcoin payment gateway and a cryptocurrency exchange. The payment gateway is based on the model of Bitpay but uses technology from the open source project Mycelium Gear.


CLIK‘s payment gateway aims to provide a safe, seamless and simple payment experience. It offers merchants with customer data/analytics, loyalty programmes & micro-targeting messaging tools to engage and grow their customer base.

3. Bayonia

Bayonia is a hotel booking platform with a social cause. The platform contributes US$0.50 per night from each booking to help children in Cambodia access free healthcare.

4. KHhits

KHhits is a company provides the Cambodian music ranking chart by using data mining technology. Besides the ranking chart, it also offers fans opinion, demographical information, trends gender in music.

5. Healthogo

Healthogo is a mobile app that helps people access trustworthy health information,  health services and products, and healthy routine tips.

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6. Last2Ticket Asia

Last2Ticket Asia offers digital ticketing solutions for businesses as well as an event booking portal for consumers. The company optimizes promoter costs and enables instant purchase, making ticket booking seamless.

7. Sousdey Cambodia

Sousdey Cambodia specializes developing custom messaging software for Facebook platform. It offers a custom Facebook chatbot and a CRM platform for businesses. It also adds interested clients to a list once they click the companies’ Facebook chatbot or ads.

8. InfiniFab

InfiniFab is a cloud service with an AR application, empowering makers to instantly access a 3DPrinter via individualized QR codes, then prepare and print their print-file without another application.

9. The DApact 

DApact is a blockchain protocol for decentralised microfinance operations in low-income countries. This protocol allows for p2p loan origination, KYC and disbursement through the Ethereum blockchain.

10. EduQuest Hub

EduQuest Hub is an educational information portal about educational institutions, schools, universities programmes in Cambodia.

11. People and people

“People and people” as the name suggests is centred on the social nature of humans and the way we communicate with one another in this digital era. Their solution is to allow their user base to explore cultures and lives of other people through an application with beautiful UI.
12. Wapatoa

Wapatoa is a collaborative digital media platform for Cambodian youth. It empowers users to create, curate and share quality content with a focus on culture, societal issues and personal development.

13. Reservo Indonesia

Reservo Indonesia is a restaurant reservation app that helps users find the best restaurants in the vicinity. The app is also integrated with other services such as clinics, sports, and entertainment listings all in a convenient package on your mobile phone.

14. SAHA’KA Coworking

SAHA’KA Coworking is a creative co-working space in Phnom Penh. Like most co-working spaces, it aims to foster a collaborative spirit atmosphere through amenities such as its flexi desks and team desks. It also offers dedicated desks, meetings rooms and private offices.
15. MustAir

MustAir is a social enterprise aimed at reducing deforestation in Cambodia with a business model of selling N95 masks to tackle pollution which in turn is complemented by the planting of a new tree in Prey Lang Forest.

16. DNAK AI Hotel

DNAK AI Hotel allows guests to stay with their very own Artificial Intelligence butler at the hotel located in the heart of Phnom Penh. Guests would have activities such as VR games, films, and other forms of content created by Cambodian artists.