In recent trends, chatbots are seen to be simplifying many processes and disrupting almost every industry. In one my recent articles, I talked about how chatbots can increase your income from affiliate marketing and also discussed how A.I. and Chatbots will replace many leading jobs of humans. Apparently, web design is one of them.

The early days

Started in 1989 with just plain codes, the internet is now evolving into an interactive arena. Extensive programming techniques on the front-end and back-end are continuously evolving the design and architecture of websites. Content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla were ruling the industry at the start. Now, with the recent rise of the AI and Chatbot wave, the point to ponder is how this advancement will simplify the process of creating and managing websites.

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How AI, chatbots, and conversations can redefine the web

Can chatbots code? Do they know what Minimal design is? How can we trust them with the layout we want? Can they edit the content?

The formula is simple! You talk to the chatbot, tell your preferences and it creates the web page just the way you want it. The game-changing formula is no-coding and no designing. Just the conversation!

The Grid – AI based website

This startup claims that it uses Artificial Intelligence to create websites. Their tagline “Websites that create themselves” says it all.  The websites are professional but not as pleasing as the company claims. The Grid has already gained an investment of more than US$6 Million prior to Series A, which speaks volumes of its potential in the long-run. Since, the is the first mover in AI-powered website building industry; it’s therefore notable to watch. – Chatbot

This startup is currently in the teething phase with its pre-launch campaign and claims to make websites with a chatbot named AIWA. “World. Wise. Websites” is how they are marketing it. It has a point-to-click interface as well, but primarily works through an AI-powered chatbot that asks you a few simple questions and creates your website right then and there. For now, is creating sign-up pages only to give people a taste about their chatbot and AI behind it. How beautiful and interactive their websites will be, time will tell after they launch it, probably within the year.

Weps – Conversational and messaging

Weps is an Estonian start-up with the vision to make the process of creating a website quick and easy. Weps’ website building is a two-minute conversational process wherein the user interacts with a chatbot (not AI-powered) in a messenger-like interface. The conversation is close-ended hence there’s no AI involved in it unlike Weps creates some kick-ass websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and responsive as well and they are getting their fair share of the limelight as well.

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Wix – ADI based websites

Wix takes the lead here of being a “senior citizen” with an already huge customer base with its DIY business model. They introduced Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) recently with the claim of “The Future of Website Building”. Their aim with ADI is to make websites use AI to adapt the content according to the design interface. The process is easy to use but it seems like there isn’t much of AI into play for now.


Web designing industry is a US$20.1 billion market just in the US. If you are a web designer or web developer, don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you. AI and chatbots are game changers, and they will change many things that you and I cannot even imagine right now.


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