Image credit: Finji

Image credit: Finji

If you’re one of those types who love killing time off with browser games, chance are you’ve come across the retro graphics-styled endless runner Canabalt. The game’s creator, Adam Saltsman, just revealed his new endeavor: a startup game company called Finji.

The Austin, Texas-based independent studio is a two-person effort consisting of Adam and his wife, Rebekah Saltsman. Rather than create their own games themselves, they aim to use Finji to help out other game developers create the games they want to make. The duo has partnered up with external developers before, but the titles were either iOS games or non-commercial projects. “Going forward, we’re going to be more actively funding and producing games for commercial release on a wider variety of platforms.”

Adam said that the company’s focus is on making new kinds of games with ethical business models. “People that choose to support our work by purchasing our games are not a resource to be mined. Our goal is to make the best games we can and price them in such a way that our audience can afford to buy them and we can afford to continue making games. Maximising revenue from our internal IP is not really a priority for us, since we can shore up shortfalls with short-term contract work.”

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Currently, Finji’s collaborative projects include a turn-based tactical survival game called Overland, which is a joint effort with Shay Pierce of Deep Plaid Games. The startup will also distribute an upcoming adventure game called Night In The Woods by animator Scott Benson and Alec Holowka. Finji has released its first game: a survival horror title called Capsule that’s created in conjunction with Robin Arnott. It’s also out right now on the Humble store (don’t mind the look of the link; it’s all done as flavor text).

If you’re into the indie gaming scene and prefer your digital entertainment a stray away from the norm, we do recommend checking these upcoming titles out. At the very least, take a look at the pictures below (or straight on Finji’s website) and see if this sort of creativity is your bag.


A shot of Overland, a turn-based survival game


Night In The Woods, an adventure game with a unique art style


Capsule, a horror game laid out in 8-bit graphics