It is said that music is the language of the soul. For many people, supporting their favourite artists is a big deal, and spending thousands to attend concerts and see their artists perform in the flesh is the holy grail of music experience.

However, people are getting increasingly busy nowadays. With jobs to do, errands to run, and Facebook statuses to update, it is impossible to attend all concerts of one’s favourite artist or band. What’s more, with the globalisation of fanbases, many artists tour all over the world, making the act of following their performances impossible for all but the most well-heeled of fans.

Of course, many bootleg videos exist on Youtube, where resourceful fans use their phones to record the event, sharing it with other fans all over the world. Obviously, this poses copyright and monetisation problems for the artists, who see their work being shared free of charge without getting anything in return.

This is where Kickit With comes in. A platform for artists to engage with fans, Kickit With lets them upload and charge for their performances online. Fans, too, can support their favourite artists through an official channel, without having to settle for blurry, borderline legal bootlegs constantly in a threat of being removed anytime.

“They’re hundreds/thousands of amazing performances happening globally that only one per cent of an artists fan base can enjoy,” said Hussan Choudhry, CEO, Kickit With,” adding, “We feel strongly that live music is comparable to nothing, and the energy and uniqueness of each performance should be consumed by everyone, and not just fans who have the time and money to attend a show.”

While there are already channels for artists to monetise their online performances and videos, many of them, such as Vevo, rely on advertising. Instead, Kickit With uses a pay-per-view model, charging fans for streaming and viewing videos.

“We felt pained by the trend of artists live-streaming their shows online and relying on advertising revenue. Often this equates to peanuts and just doesn’t merit artists to put their livelihood online,” Choudhry said. “What was concerning to us is a trend has emerged were they were reluctant to live stream a show again! Therefore, we devised a new business model for live streaming (pay-per-view) which will showcase a show globally whilst monetising our content providers fairly,” he further said.

Reception has been good since its beta launch in January, and Kickit With now counts famous artists such as Radiohead and Green Day among its clients. According to Choudhry, “What we have found during our beta is that when fans watches a show on Kickit With, they are much more inclined to make the commitment of attending the show in real life after having a taste of the experience online.”

Based in the UK, Kickit With plans to expand to Asia, signing up Asian artists and reaching out to fans. “What we have found from our research is that the Kpop market in particular has a great, loyal following; therefore, we think out service would be extremely popular. We are in a unique situation were our service crosses many language and geographical barriers, and is useful to people globally,” concluded Choudhry.

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