Instead of riding a wave, take the interest and build the future says Viddsee Co-founder Ho Jia Jian

Viddsee is a fantastic repository for local short videos made by Southeast Asians, and now it is building-up its own production studio 

Centennial College students recount memorable Echelon experiences during SUSS immersion programme

"It was amazing to see the interaction between startups, investors and public attendees and I am happy to have had the chance to do networking at Echelon" 

As Asian tech hubs compete with Silicon Valley, Getlinks connects Asian tech talent with employers

There is no reason to work so hard to build the ecosystem if we cannot connect talent to startups 


How Southeast Asia is Kazakhstan’s gateway to global expansion

As Kazakh startups experience growing pains, Southeast Asia becomes its first step into gaining global ambition. 

Taiwan Tech Arena makes first overseas appearance at Singapore’s Echelon Asia Summit

The Echelon appearance was part of a general 'Southbound Policy' which hopes to see more Taiwanese startups pursue opportunities in Southeast Asia 

Meet the Kazakhtan startups exhibiting at Echelon Asia Summit 2018

From chatbots to drone games, Kazakhstan startups showcased products and services that have championed the local market 

Singapore startup TreeDots clinches Judges' Choice award at Echelon Asia 2018

TreeDots is an online outlet mall providing an end-to-end solution to eliminate the problem of food wastage in Singapore 

MoneySmart founder Vinod Nair on why his company will never lose its relevance

At the Echelon Asia Summit 2018, Vinod Nair also expounded on how to scale a company the right way 

RedDoorz founder's recipe for success: Focus on one city, one market, one segment at a time

Travel and tourism is an exciting and growing industry, so what opportunities can entrepreneurs work on, particularly with regard to hotels? 

Southeast Asia is like European Union but without a proper framework, says Ian Goh of 01VC

According to them, In China, entrepreneurs are brash and more risk-takers; if they see an opportunity in a market, they just go and attack it. They have a 'do first, ask later' attitude