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What made a unicorn hunter invest in ofo?

ofo investor Zhu Xiaohu was called a unicorn hunter because of his outstanding investment moves in the hottest startups in China including Didi Chuxing, and ofo 

One year on, Apple Pay finding little traction in the Middle Kingdom

It seems that Apple Pay has failed to become a real threat to the dominance of Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent-backed Tenpay 

Uber VP Amit Singhal resigns over sexual harassment claims; expect more heads to roll as brand battles to survive

Between sexual harassment accusations, a culture of impunity and claims of industrial espionage, Uber faces an existential crisis 

Reyin uses KOLs to monetize their concert lifestyle business

Reyin's main customer base are people who would be considered 'avid' concertgoers 

Russo-American company builds Return of the Jedi-inspired drone bike

There is a race to build a workable speeder. Yes, really 

10 things all e-commerce business owners should consider when creating a mobile app

When you don’t have a physical storefront, your mobile presence becomes even more important 

6 qualities CMOs need to be successful

Chief marketing officers are the glue who bring a company’s marketing specialists together 

South Korea’s Naver joins self-driving car frenzy with suped-up Toyota Prius

It will be the 13th model the Korean government has granted a testing license to 

Why a tech-savvy CEO isn’t the same as a business-minded CTO

Don’t just pick a title. Pick the role that you’re best suited for as a founder 

Dropping SpaceX, Israel’s SpacePharma launches bio-testing nanosatellite into orbit with help from India’s ISRO

After a year of SpaceX delays, the pioneering cube satellite hitched a ride with India’s ISRO