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How to say "No" to the wrong things so you can say "YES!" to the right thing 

How gaming companies are coping with soured Sino-Korean ties

In March 2017, following the installment of a US missile system on South Korean soil, China launched retaliatory moves against the country that affected even the gaming industry 

Encouraging your customers to be your brand advocates

Once you identify common customer pain points, you can use them to your advantage in a number of different ways 

How a Taiwanese cloud storage provider took on Europe and Japan

Synology believes Europe is a less cutthroat market than the US because Europeans are more open to foreign brands 

China to set up national standards for blockchain

In March, China’s national government set up the Blockchain Registry Open Platform (BROP) through the country’s central bank. It aims to develop intellectual property rights on the blockchain 

Venture capital firm GGV raises US$236M (RMB1.5B) in new RMB fund

GGV Capital has invested in over 200 companies in the US and China including Alibaba, Airbnb, Xiaomi, Didi Chuxing, and Square 

How to identify if you’re ready for a rebrand

Are you embarrassed to give people your business card? It might be time for a rebrand 

Mobike co-founder and CEO Davis Wang resigns, Hu Weiwei takes the handlebars

The move comes about a month after MoBike was sold to Meituan-Dianping for US$2.7 billion 

Where does a startup start in Asia? Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand all say here

Hong Kong and Taiwan are great for a startup looking to enter greater market; but if you are looking for a more self-sufficient market, you should consider Japan