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Beijing-based Spearhead acquires San Francisco ad platform Smaato for US$148M

By geektime | Dec 22, 2016

This is the first such deal to go through in 2016; others will likely follow Read More

Gay dating app Blued buys into Hornet to boost global expansion

By TechNode | Dec 22, 2016

Grindr and Scruff may dominate in the US, but Hornet says it is number one network in France, Russia, and Brazil Read More

What pregnancy teaches us about the complicated life of a startup founder

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 21, 2016

Having a kid on the way is going to make the startup-building journey more bumpy – in more ways than one Read More

How Alibaba uses big data to combat fake cigarettes and pesticide

By AllChinaTech | Dec 21, 2016

Alibaba’s anti-counterfeit technology efforts have expanded from online to offline Read More

How best to handle five common sales scenarios

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 20, 2016

Perfecting your sales technique is crucial to the success of your business Read More

How effective is the ‘why’ of your business?

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 20, 2016

A business without a clear “why” makes goals seem aimless — even if they’re being achieved Read More

WeChat is maturing: how to drive conversions from other social networks

By TechNode | Dec 19, 2016

For foreign companies, they need specific help of how to use Chinese social media to convert users. Here is a guide Read More

Reports of their death premature, BlackBerry is an example of how to revive a dying brand

By geektime | Dec 19, 2016

People need to stop talking about Blackberry’s phone franchise like it’s a eulogy, since the company has recovered in a massive way Read More

If you’re looking for a tech company to stand up to Trump, it’s Twitter

By geektime | Dec 16, 2016

While the platform has faltered in recent years, it seems to be the only major tech company taking a strong stance against Trump – such as refusing to build a Muslim registry Read More

4 tips for planning ahead as you scale up your business

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 16, 2016

A lack of planning can stunt the growth of your business, so use these tips to get ahead sooner rather than later Read More

WeChat is maturing: use other platforms to drive traffic

By TechNode | Dec 15, 2016

In China, WeChat is still the best platform for monetisation, but it is a closed network, so other social media platforms provide opportunity Read More

When does your startup need a legal department?

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 15, 2016

These are the indicators that outsourcing your legal matters isn’t cutting it anymore Read More

Google hits the brakes on its self-driving car. But why?

By geektime | Dec 14, 2016

Like Apple, it’s changing direction to work with automakers, not become one Read More

The last Samsung Galaxy Note 7s will get bricked on December 19

By geektime | Dec 13, 2016

The handful of loyalists are finding it increasingly difficult to use their Note 7s, even if they do not want to replace the device Read More

What Silicon Valley can learn from China: Interview with Jason Costa

By TechNode | Dec 13, 2016

Costa recently visited China looking for ways he can apply his product development and management experience to GGV Capital’s portfolio on both sides of the Pacific Read More

E-commerce giant JD apologizes for leak exposing user data

By TechNode | Dec 12, 2016

The link exposed names, passwords, email addresses, QQ accounts, ID numbers and phone numbers Read More

4 ways to create a truly equal business partnership

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 12, 2016

Owning a business 50/50 isn’t possible if you and your co-founder won’t listen to each other Read More

Google, Oculus, Sony launch Global Virtual Reality Association

By geektime | Dec 09, 2016

The new organisation will serve as a clearinghouse for developers, companies, and policymakers. And here’s the rest of the VR giants that joined Read More

What does China mean for Southeast Asian startups? Q&A with KFit Founder Joel Neoh

By TechNode | Dec 08, 2016

Here's why the KFit founder thinks there should be a stronger partnership between China and Southeast Asia Read More

12 tips for startup founders preparing to hire their first employee

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Dec 08, 2016

There’s a lot of pressure surrounding your first hire. Consider this advice before signing on the dotted line Read More

Alibaba invests in Irish cinema analytics startup showtime analytics

By TechNode | Dec 07, 2016

Alibaba Pictures is valued at US$9.6 billion Read More

Under Trump, SoftBank will invest half of its US$100B Vision Fund in the US

By geektime | Dec 07, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump announced the deal after meeting with SoftBank’s CEO Read More

Why knowledge sharing platforms are hot in China

By AllChinaTech | Dec 06, 2016

The Chinese market is embracing the idea of knowledge sharing platforms with both their minds and their wallets Read More

Alipay is to start over its tarnished social network. What’s next?

By AllChinaTech | Dec 02, 2016

This week was one to remember for Alibaba's Alipay, but can the networks still pursue a social media future Read More

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