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The rise of Toutiao (and the decline of Baidu) reflects China’s changing marketing trends

News aggregator app Toutiao has been reporting impressive revenue growth with RMB6 billion (US$880 million) in 2016 from in-feed ads 

10 security tips to protect your Wordpress website from hackers

Do you want a site that is easily manageable, easy to use, SEO friendly and secure? WordPress is probably the best bet for you, but you still need to know how to secure it properly 

Save your sanity and fire that problematic client

Some clients are just not worth the trouble 

Hiring a new employee? Look for these 6 traits

Hire the right employees and your company will go far 

Rules for Weibo KOLs shed light on Alibaba-Tencent tensions

Learning from their previous experience with Weibo influencers, Sina has been very careful in controlling their live streaming ecosystem 

Last week in Taiwan, 5 stories about car sharing, fashion and fintech

Live streaming is seen as a glamorous industry, but in Taiwan, there is a growing need to unionise 

What global smart cities and vision zero initiatives are getting wrong

To be truly impactful, they need to recognize one big thing 

How to increase traffic and gain trust with expert roundups

Build your brand by compiling expert roundup posts that provide as much value as possible to your target audience 

Live from CES Asia 2017, an inside look at Baidu autonomous vehicles

Baidu has launched Road Hackers, a machine learning-based autonomous driving solution 

In-app messaging, How to convert trial users to paying subscribers

From showing your value to providing incentive, there are plenty of ways in-app messaging can engage your customers