Tickled Media Founder Roshni Mahtani explains how she built a blossoming media empire

On 'The Story of You', Roshni Mahtani dives into Tickled Media. The successes, failures, the role of family and what is next for the company 

Financial products comparison platform GoBear names Adrian Chng new CEO; to expand to Indonesia

Chng is known for leading Asian jobs portal JobsDB.com and was instrumental in its US$739-million merger with JobStreet.com in 2014 

Tech companies outpace regulations says Go-rework Co-founder Vanessa Hendriadi

Plus Hendriadi explains how Go-rework is shifting the future of work in Indonesia 

Interview with Stefano Virgilli (Part I): "Blockchain is slow, neither safe nor reliable, and is already finished"

"If you look at blockchain, DLT in general, my best guess is that 10 years down the road, only less than 30 per cent of the market of the applications will be on DLT" 

The Jay Kim Show discusses Women in Tech

Anna O'Hare of Web Summit and Gillian Tans of Booking join Jay Kim to discuss the past, present and future of the role of women in the technology industry 

Indonesia's MDI Ventures on their investment strategies for foreign startups

MDI Ventures opens up the possibility of a partnership between their local and foreign portfolio companies as they scale up 

Asia VC Cast with Simon Wu from Cathay Innovation

Wu's role at Cathay Innovation is to build lead generation for investment as well as monitoring post-investment activity 

The Story of You with The New Savvy CEO Anna Vanessa Haotanto

How do women approach money differently than men? And what are some challenges of running The New Savvy? We ask this and more 

Asia VC Cast with Alex Shin from Hashed

Coming out of South Korea, Hashed has become one of the most influential global blockchain 

Natali Ardianto joins EmasDigi as CTO

EmasDigi is an Indonesian startup that focusses on online gold trading