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Leadership during the time of crisis: How to fail gracefully and emerge as a better leader

Handling crisis well and failing gracefully are important traits of leadership 

Recommender engine part 1: What it is and why you need it

Websites of all types should consider these before discounting the use of a recommender engine. 

10 things all e-commerce business owners should consider when creating a mobile app

When you don’t have a physical storefront, your mobile presence becomes even more important 

6 qualities CMOs need to be successful

Chief marketing officers are the glue who bring a company’s marketing specialists together 

Why a tech-savvy CEO isn’t the same as a business-minded CTO

Don’t just pick a title. Pick the role that you’re best suited for as a founder 

Pro bono: Legal considerations for online marketplaces - an interview with tech lawyer Chia Ling Koh

When user exchanges are involved, there will always be concerns about data privacy, intellectual property, and security 

4 essential productivity tips for businesses with remote-friendly policies

Being remote-friendly has its benefits, but you also need to have the right tools and strategies for communicating effectively 

Sharing your content with the wrong people? 4 ways to streamline and diversify

Content creation requires strategy if you’re to attract the right audience 

Preparing your company to scale from the start: 4 things to prioritise

When your company starts expanding rapidly, you’re going to need the right team, culture, space and terminology 

Selling your startup: Architecting a successful acquisition

A successful acquisition can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it pays to be prepared 

Don't fall victim to the 7 traps of Facebook marketing

Facebook is no longer just "post and forget" -- you need to target, analyse and engage 

Going global? 6 critical things your small business team must know

Pay attention to details when taking your company international 

From idea to execution: 8 steps that can make a big difference in your startup journey

Even if you don't necessarily make unicorn status, for some entrepreneurs, it's all about the journey 

Joining a startup? Here are 5 things you should know before you take the plunge

Your considerations are a mix of risk, culture fit, excitement and career growth 

Pro bono: Legal tips for startups raising series B financing in Southeast Asia

Regular e27 contributors and Southeast Asia tech start-up and VC lawyers, Lee Bagshaw and Chris Wilson, look at the issues for founders to consider when raising a series B round 

Practice makes perfect: These 4 extremely useful entrepreneur skills will come in handy someday

Because makers gonna make, make, make -- here are four skills you need to master now to shake off any business challenge you might face 

Business etiquette for entrepreneurs: How to effectively communicate with a business contact in today's connected world

The options and platforms for communication are now endless -- and that's what makes things difficult and complicated 

6 tips for setting up your ideal first office space

You’re ready to move out of your garage and into your very first office. But have you really thought everything through?