Captain's Log, October 9: Morris Chang, icon of chip industry, set to retire

Also was the announcement of the Rice Bowl Malaysia Awards and a digital literacy push in Thailand 

Taiwan can be the next innovation hub in Asia, with deep tech as its main driving force

If they can get into a global mindset, Taiwan startups can set out to prove that they are more than just a gateway to China 

iPhone 8 Plus cracks open for two users in Asia, batteries may be to blame

Reports of iPhone 8 battery issues are leaking online in Asia, reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy 7 debacle 

Captain's Log, Sept 25: ONE Championship CEO speaks out about death of Pradip Subramanian

Also today, Lazada expands Taobao services and Bukalapak launches e-procurement service 

Discounts and rewards can only go so far unless you are a big company, says Arun Gupta of MoMagic

Rewards and discounts are effective for companies like Facebook, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc., but not for small companies 

Google to buy part of HTC smartphone team -- namely the Pixel team -- for US$1.1B

As part of the agreement, Google will also receive a non-exclusive license to HTC's intellectual property (IP) 

Taiwan e-scooter maker Gogoro raises US$300M to grow its battery swapping network

Gogoro has built a network stations that make it easy and convenient for riders to switch to electric 

These 3 Taiwanese startups win PurpleCow Star pitching competition in Jakarta

PurpleCow is a non-profit organisation that leverages internet and corporate resources to support Taiwanese startups to expand globally 

ASUS teams up with Fenox VC to launch US$50M fund, aiming for technologically strong startups

ASUS will collaborate with the startups and provide them with access to the greater Asian and global markets 

Taiwan Turnaround: An Asian Tiger catching up in the internet sector

Left behind by the explosion of Asia's startup economy, is Taiwan starting to roar again?