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Not a buyer or seller market, M&A in Southeast Asia is still at the investor stage

M&As happen on a seven-year timeline, so Southeast Asia should see more deals in the coming years 

Now In Vietnam: The next step for Chinese companies

One of the interesting trends in Vietnam is the growth of the Chinese gay dating app Blued 

Is Vietnamese campaign to build a Facebook alternative fighting fake news, or fostering censorship?

In a statement given last week to the Vietnamese parliamentary community, a local minister encouraged regional companies to develop platforms that could compete with Facebook and Google 

Now in Vietnam: Make sure you target these 3 demographics of gamers in Vietnam

There are three demographics of gamers that you need to know if you wish to succeed in Vietnam's mobile gaming market 

Woomentum is bringing women-focussed crowdfunding to Vietnam

Woomentum will initiate its entry into Vietnam with the hosting of CrowdFundHer Live, a pitching event 

CoderSchool opens doors for 8th Demo Day, showcases works of 50 new developers

We caught up with the cool projects of the graduates of CoderSchool 

Watch the 7 graduates from the first VIISA accelerator batch pitch in Vietnam

Why read about them when you can watch the pitches? We have the videos all lined up for you 

Southeast Asia is going through an accelerated pace of disruption, leading to the third wave innovations in real world sectors

With the internet-of-everything, entrepreneurs start to transform “real world” sectors like agriculture, education, healthcare, energy, finance and many others, and Southeast Asia is experiencing this at an accelerated pace 

How an out-of-the-box media initiative can get you attention and engagement - a case study involving risks and unconventional content

Companies that are looking to create ‘out of the box’ content must first ask themselves how this can help achieve their internal goals and communicate their desired message to a wide range of audiences