Mobiroo, a Canadian mobile apps company announced yesterday that they will be partnering Celcom Axiata Berhad, a Malaysian telco in providing a ‘All You Can App’ service for Android users.

All Celcom customers can take advantage of this premium service at a monthly subscription fee of MYR9.90 (US$3.00) to download an unlimited number of paid apps. Similar to the revenue model used by Netflix and Spotify, Mobiroo is working out a buffet spread with a monthly fee for users in Malaysia. Vinay Chopra, founder and CEO of the Canada-based company said, “We have targeted Asia as our initial launch territory based on the mature Android market that already exists, as well as a huge appetite to download mobile content in large quantities.”

Mobiroo shared that they have gotten more than 750 apps on board and are looking to team up with even more local developers. Some of more notable developers involved include Vector Unit, Runtastic and HeroCraft. At this point, it is still unclear how developers will monetize from joining this platform. However, we have reached out to the Canadian firm, and will update once we have relevant information regarding this.

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Not only are foreign countries looking to kickstart growth in Malaysia, the government seems rather keen on bringing smartphones to the masses. In fact, Vinay shared that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) announced a MYR200 (US$65) rebate on selected 3G smartphones via their Youth Communications Package (YCP). He added, “This marks the imminent rapid growth in mobile app consumption in Malaysia and we are excited to team up with Celcom to provide Malaysian consumers with a premium service that offers such fantastic value. Celcom is a pioneer in the telecom and app space, and it has been fantastic to work with them to deliver Mobiroo first in Malaysia.”

It’s no surprise that they’re going in for Google Play on Android. A report last year revealed that the Android platform dominates the Malaysian market at 41 percent, and the remaining 59 percent is rather equally shared among iOS, Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry operating systems.

Of course, Mobiroo isn’t going to stop at just Malaysia. According to the press release, it has clear plans to collaborate with other launch partners in Asia Pacific and will follow with Latin America and North America. It will be interesting to see how consumers will react to such a model, and how this will affect smartphone usage in Asia.

Featured Image Credit: Android / Shutterstock