It’s Singapore’s 49th National Day tomorrow. Here are four apps you can check out to better understand how it is like to be a Singaporean.

1. WhyMoolah
Meet Elaine, a 23-year-old graduate with nary a fuss in the world. She doesn’t have a tuition loan to pay off after graduation, has managed to bag a pretty amazing job, and has a dashing boyfriend. Yay! But soon she finds herself trapped in “the real world” with bills to pay and budgets to set.

PlayMoolah is a Singapore-based company, most well-known for its flagship financial simulation game app WhyMoolah, which is available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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Unlike other financial simulation games, WhyMoolah caters for Singaporeans with various localised aspects. For example, the player will have to think about their contributions to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) while deliberating on investment schemes. All costs are also adapted to living standards in the city-state.

In the game, this author chose to get hitched in her late-twenties and buy a house the very next year. What will happen next? Well, you’ll have to play to find out!


2. New IPPT Calculator
Recently launched and developed by The Rocket Studio is health and fitness utility iOS app New IPPT Calculator. IPPT here stands for ‘Individual Physical Proficiency Test’ which is a standard fitness test used to ensure all National Servicemen are in good shape.

Just last month, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen shared that IPPT “will be revised to three stations from the current five”. The three stations are: a 2.4 km run, sit-ups and push-ups, according to Channel News Asia. The scoring system has also been changed. For those who are looking to get familiar with the new scoring system, this is a good calculator to use while training for IPPT.

3. Summon Auntie
Old but gold, Summon Auntie is an app released by development studio Replaid. The mobile app, available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, helps the typical driver in Singapore fight against parking wardens — or better known as ‘Summon Auntie’ colloquially — with crowdsourced information. This is especially useful in a country where parking rates can be steep.

The app works two ways: when a driver arrives at a location, they can tap the ‘park’ button to mark the vehicle’s position. At the same time, when another driver sees a ‘Summon Auntie’ in their vicinity, they can tap the ‘alert’ button to warn illegal parkers nearby. It’s currently free to use.

4. Guess The Word SG
Meet Guess The Word SG, a Singapore-based game app developed by Nectary Studio, available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

While its gameplay resembles traditional card game Taboo and Ellen DeGeneres’ new game ‘Heads Up!’, Guess The Word SG is no clone. Like other apps in this list, the game caters for a local demographic with topics like ‘Sights in SG’, ‘Local Celebrity’ and ‘Kopitiam Madness’. Most topics are free-to-play, but the app does charge users a fixed fee to unlock premium decks.

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