Image credit: ChangYou

China-based online game publisher ChangYou is not pulling any stops with its latest investment plan. According to VentureBeat, the company that pushed out titles like Dragon Oath, Zentia and Dark Blood Online, will be putting in US$600 million in mobile game development in the next few years. That is not a sum to take lightly.

This initiative is called the CYou Win Plan (no points for humility there) and its aim is to place the company’s titles at the top of the mobile games sales chart. From the US$600 million, US$200 million will be allocated to acquiring mobile game titles (rights and all). Another US$200 million will be for marketing its titles for two years, while the remaining US$200 million will be revenue share for game developers for three years.

We have previously covered companies that are investing in mobile games, but nothing to this scale. ChangYou General Manager Joey Jia emphasised that 2014 would be an exciting year for the company.  “The US$600 million [programme] offers a tremendous opportunity for independent gaming developers to publish their games worldwide, leveraging our expertise in both, the PC and mobile space.”

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More details on the CYou Win Plan will be shared in this year’s Games Developer Conference that will take place between March 17 and March 21. Rest assured that e27 will have its eyes and ears on the conference.

On a related note, ChangYou also has a subsidiary office in Malaysia, which opened up the OppaPlay online gaming platform for the region.