From 110,00 users last October, Chatwork now boasts of 150,000 with a growth rate of at least 10,000 users per month. They have also recently released a new feature that allows users to add their Facebook friends’ automatically. This makes it easier and more efficient for people to find each other and begin collaboration.

Other exciting news includes their plans to enter the Southeast Asia markets, starting from Singapore. In order to drive their overseas sales, Chatwork Inc  has decided to partner with Singapore IT company Malifax Technologies (S) Pte Ltd by signing a “Master distributorship agreement”. This means that Malifax Technologies(S) Pte Ltd is going to distribute, support and resell ChatWork in the region. In its Japanese operation, ChatWork has previously signed strategic partnership with KDDI, one of the largest Japanese telco company.

If you are a current user of Chatwork, you might also have realized that a landscape view on the iPad was not previously supported. It is now fixed along with new User Interface updates of sending out messages. The interface is now more user-friendly and the overall app behaviour is also more stabilized.

Chatwork's new and improved UI

According to Shuhei Tanigawa of Chatwork, the new updates have received much positive feedback from users in many countries. The company is also continuously working on its expansion plans and its due to have another big announcement this coming May. In the meantime, happy birthday Chatwork! We’re looking forward to more great and exciting news.