ChatWork is one of the only collaboration solutions that combines group or individual text, voice, and video chats, task management, and file sharing in a single service that can be used both within and between companies.

Since ChatWork has been adding an average of 15,000 new users per month, and is on track to reach 1 million users in 2013, the team has decided that it is well-positioned for solid growth in the U.S. market.

With the two new features released, ChatWork would be able to further increase their user’s productivity and efficiency at work. Already, more than 90% of their paid users use ChatWork everyday, and with a 4-4.5% paid conversion rate that is three times greater than Dropbox and Evernote, ChatWork is indeed headed for a solid growth.

ChatWork has been widely used because of its advantages over traditional email. Its instant messages are immediate, brief, better suited for team conversations and assigning tasks, have no spam, and can be enhanced by voice and/or video chats. This can help overcome some of the productivity problems arising from emails.

For example, U.S. employees spend an average of 28% of their work day reading emails, including an average of 105 emails send and received daily. (source: McKinsey Global Institute and IDC). According to Chatwork,

According to ChatWork, this translates to nearly 90 work days per year, or $4.62 million lost in reading email alone if extrapolated to a 1,000 employee company. But instant message accounts are projected to grow to 4.3 billion worldwide by 2016, growing faster and becoming as widely used as email (source: Radicati Group).

The company has also previously partnered with KDDI from Japan, and IT company Malifax Technologies (S) Pte Ltd from Singapore.