Startup Autobahn Singapore, a Mercedes-Benz-backed accelerator that focuses on automotive-related businesses, today announced the addition of two new partners: the Southeast Asian infrastructure management team of Daimler AG, which is the automotive group that oversees Mercedes-Benz, and Jardine Cycle & Carriage (JC&C).

Daimler AG will become Startup Autobahn Singapore’s internal domain partner, while JC&C will join as its first programme partner.

“With our history of expertise in the region and long-standing customer focus, we welcome the opportunity to leverage our strengths with many tech startups under the programme and support the startup ecosystem,” said Haslam Preeston, Regional Managing Director of JC&C, in an official press release.

Startup Autobahn Singapore also unveiled the eight startups who will become the accelerator’s second cohort. The startups will work to develop solutions products that can be integrated into the Mercedes-Benz group.

Check them out below:


This Singapore-based startup develops intelligent user and entity behaviour analytics solutions to analyse and engage emerging threats effectively.

Apvera will integrate sensors with the Daimler Network to better measure the risk profiles of drivers. Additionally, it will also provide its entity behavioral analytics to protect critical data assets.


This Singapore-based startup has developed a smart, self-learning conversational platform that automates internal conversations, interactions with customers, as well as other repetitive, menial, and transactional tasks.

Botbot.Ai will integrate with the Daimler configuration data to receive customisation information for each car model, allowing users to configure car models using the conversational platform and place their orders.

Glass Security

This Singapore-based startup has developed a security solution for not just the automotive security but also for the real estate sector.

Glass Security will integrate its product with the Mercedes Connected car service or Fleet Management solution.

This Singapore- and Vietnam-based startup has a solution that converts existing videos into interactive formats. This allows users to ask questions and post discussions while viewing the videos.

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This Singapore-based startup has built a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that matches customers with the right salesperson.

Lucep will integrate its CRM platform with all of Mercedes-Benz’s sales channels.


This Singapore-based startup has developed a big data platform that provides a 360-degree view of the customer retail data acquisition data and analytical CRM.

Mentorica will integrate its big data and IT infrastructure with Mercedes-Benz.


This Singapore-based startup has developed an intelligent AR platform for interactive knowledge sharing and community-based problem-solving. It displays work instructions and diagnostic tutorials on the service workspace using a tablet or smartphone.

Overlay will integrate all its service teams, workflows and solutions with Mercedes-Benz.


This Singapore-based startup has developed an IoT solution that helps prevent drivers from getting into accidents if they fall asleep at the wheel.

Woke will implement its product into Daimler’s subsidiaries across different industries, including ride sharing, car and truck fleet management and car rentals.

Image Credit: Startup Autobahn Singapore