Some of the updates include a redesigned home screen, new shortcuts, a better tag list, a document search function, and checkboxes.

Home screen for Evernote WindowsRedesigned home screen 

The new home screen now gives users quick access to note creation, search and shortcuts. Account information also be easily accessed by tapping on the username at the top of the screen. In general, everything will feel faster and more accessible.


The new shortcuts allow users to jump to any note, notebook or tag that is accessed frequently. To create a shortcut, simply long tap any of the items and the shortcut would appear on the Home Screen. A cool aspect of shortcuts is that they sync across platforms. This means that any shortcuts that are created would appear on different platforms of your Mac or Android and Windows Phone.

Better tags

In addition to the Home Screen, the Evernote team also redesigned the Tag List. It’s now significantly more compact, allowing users to see more tags per screen. For avid taggers, Evernote for Windows Phone now also has a quick way to jump to tags by letter. Rather than having to scroll, simply tap on a green letter header to display an alphabetical grid.

Tags for Evernote Windows

Document Search function

This function indexes any attached Microsoft Word or iWork files. This means that documents, spreadsheets and presentations show up in search results to give users more ways to find exactly what is needed.


Although this function has been available on the other platforms for a long while now, Evernote for Windows phone now supports creating and editing checkboxes. The function works exactly like those on the other platforms, in that, a list that contains checkboxes can be created. Checkboxes can also be checked and unchecked when the user is in a note.

checkboxes function on Evernote

For other feature updates, head over to the Evernote blog. If you’ve yet to update your app, you can download the app from the Windows Phone Store. Evernote 3.0 for Windows works with Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

Image Credit: Evernote