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Still can’t find what you’re looking for after reading Part 1? Well you’re lucky that there’s a Part 2. Here are the other 14 startups that could help you end your searching woes:

SELLinALL | HQ: Singapore 

SELLinALL is a multi-channel e-commerce website to help users sell their products on multiple e-marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Shopify, Facebook and Pinterest. SELLinALL claims to provide a hassle-free experience through its seamless marketplace integration. It has a professional team with over 10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, allowing them to understand the problems when selling to multiple e-commerce and social media websites.

Venn | HQ: Singapore

Venn is a discovery platform and network for professionals who desire to seek more meaning in their careers. Users can create a unique “Venn Profile” which allows users to tell their story beyond a traditional CV. Venn will then connect users to innovative companies or help users figure out their passions and strengths. Ultimately, Venn aims to be a platform for users to pick careers that they will truly enjoy.

Involve Asia | HQ: Malaysia

Formerly known as ShopStylers, InvolveAsia is a performance marketing platform provider that helps online retailers and advertisers connect to more users and customers through reaching thousands of publishers (or affiliates) in our partner ecosystem. It was setup in early 2014 by key players in the e-commerce and digital media space, and now has driven over US$11 million in incremental gross retail sales for its merchants and advertisers across Southeast Asia.

Triphunterapp.com | HQ: Singapore 

As a travel platform, Triphunterapp integrates itself into the travel agent workflow by being a direct connection with the customer, allowing for more seamless updating of travel plans, including relevant in-destination travel content. Triphunter also provides marketing services for individual travel agents when they connect them to online travellers.

Shoppy | HQ: Singapore 

Shoppy focuses on distributing and developing the “best of breed” in digital lifestyle and wellness products within vertical and horizontal markets. It sells a a variety of goods such as consumer electronics, mobile and accessories and beauty products. It partners with various retailers and suppliers who are looking to expand their product catalogues as well as local and overseas distributors.

LIV3LY | HQ: Singapore

LIV3LY is more than just a registration platform, it’s a marketplace for mass participation sporting events. A proprietary system by Eggsplore, LIV3LY provides both a digital race management platform for sport event organisers and a community platform for the athletes. It has supported large sport runs such as the Straits Times Run, TNP Big Walk, NTUC Run350, Great Eastern Women’s Run, North East Compressport Run, Illumi Run, among many others.

Variantz | HQ: Singapore

Variantz is a smart home and living platform for residential estates. Focused mainly on estate residents, Variantz uses analytics, energy management, robotics, and other value added services to allow customers to enjoy their smart homes. Its first solution, Reziden Lite, is a cloud-based application built for managing residential estate services; it has the ability to manage multiple properties easily within one portal.

Axtro Sports | HQ: Singapore

Established in 2006, Axtro Sports is a platform for sports wearables. It was born out of a strong demand for these devices in Singapore, and would later help Axtro Sports become a leading distributor and multi-channel retailer for sports wearables, as well as other consumer electronics that complement the healthy active lifestyle brand that Axtro Sports’ customers love.

Medical Departures | HQ: Singapore

Medical Departures is a platform that aims to provide great medical care around the globe, bringing customers together with high quality global medical providers. Medical Departures users can find a clinic, compare prices and reviews with other clinics and book appointments as well. They can also get free online quotes for clinics and medical travel insurances.

Dental Departures | HQ: Singapore

A spinoff of Medical Departures, Dental Departures focuses more on providing great dental care than anything else. It has 3850 dentists in 32 countries, with all Dental Departures certified dentists properly pre-screened. Similar to Medical Departures, users can find, compare and book and appointment with their chosen dentists and can find free promotions and discounts on the platform as well.

GoInvest | HQ: Singapore

GoInvest aims to be the one-stop platform for all financial needs. It has an automated and electronic investment advisory solution that manages their customers’ investments, providing customers with a carefully curated portfolio based on customers’ risk tolerance, investment horizon, and investible funds. Customers can choose the amount they want to invest and access their portfolio anytime. Lastly, GoInvest monitors customer investments 24/7, and also provides weekly summaries and a detailed quarterly performance report of customers’ portfolios.

Classtree | HQ: Singapore

Classtree is a platform for parent-teacher communication. It functions as a paperless and secure solution for teachers and institutions to communicate with parents. Globally, Classtree has accumulated over 1,600 signups with five schools actively managing parental communication on the platform. Schools also have an option to white label and manage teachers if they subscribe to Classtree; doing so will allow schools to see how their teachers individually engage with parents.

Eunogo | HQ: South Korea

Eunogo is a trusted community marketplace for people to discover, research and book cosmetic treatments in Korea. Members can learn about the latest cosmetic treatments, clinics, as well as patient testimonies. Meanwhile, local healthcare clinics get access to millions of overseas customers. Eunogo is supported by Korea Database Agency and National Information Society Agency as one of the prominent global database startups in Korea and officially approved as medical tourism business by Korea Ministry of Health.

picVpic | HQ: United Kingdom

picVpic is not your ordinary fashion search engine. By aggregates millions of products from hundreds of the world’s leading online stores, picVpic provides consumers with an incredible selection of products and the best selection tools to discover and purchase fashion. picVpic also claims to know more information about the product than retailers or other platforms, using a hybrid of artificial intelligence, lexical analysis, and visual search.

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