As reported earlier, Chinese companies like Tencent are getting a huge mobile gaming market share on iOS and Android platforms. Now the race to publish mobile games and potentially sell them like hotcakes is turning to a fast-paced marathon as the nation’s three state-run telcos are jumping in.

China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile have formed a partnership whose aim is to publish as many as 100 mobile phone games by the end of 2015 (via Bloomberg). This was announced during the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing. The trio aims to achieve US$160,000 in sales per title.

China Unicom Vice President, Liu Yang said that when combined, the three parties have a combined 310 million users to distribute mobile games to. “The China market for mobile games is fiercely competitive.” An additional Gamasutra report stated that the three companies plan to have their own committee of judges to decide which developers are worthy of their new publishing initiative.

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The committee will also help promote and market the games created by the selected developers, as well as give them player data so that they can figure out how to monetise their titles better. So far the only advice we can give is to start utilising platforms like WeChat to promote games; that seems to be the current mobile gaming trend.

The partnership is due to the companies attempting to capitalise on the mobile market following the ban being lifted on consoles recently in the region. We’re sure that you’ve noticed that Microsoft is recently tapping into the market with its announcement of the Xbox One, right?